Team Obama hits back at Hillary on foreign policy

Watching a failed political party tear itself to shreds over the disastrous performance of its President is not without entertainment value, although since the stage is lit by the glow of a burning world, the laughter is a bit muted.

A “tragically bad decision” supported by Barack Obama’s current Vice President, current Secretary of State, and former Secretary of State, who has thus far been viewed as the front-runner for the Democrat nomination to succeed Obama.

Obama’s actual alleged motto, hilariously ironic in the face of the volume of stupid stuff he’s done, is “don’t do stupid s**t.”  I’d say a great example of the stupid s**t America should avoid is handing control of the country over to a band of sniveling toddlers who refuse to take responsibility for anything they’ve said or done, and keep trying to blame everything on people who have been out of office for six years.

As long as we’re spending a moment on deconstructing the motto Obama capo David Axelrod saw fit to throw at Hillary Clinton, after she dared to backstab her former boss over the foreign policy she was ostensibly a helplessly mute spectator to,  it’s worth noting that “don’t do stupid s**t” is an entirely passive and reactionary philosophy.  The problem with Obama’s approach could not be summed up more succinctly.  He’s got America playing weak and frantic defense against a series of global obstacles he utterly failed to anticipate, for four reasons:

(1) Obama is blinded by his Hospice America ideology, convinced to the root of his soul that his unjust and unworthy nation has no right to play a bold leadership role on the world stage, and her people are no longer strong enough to fill such giant shoes;

(2) He’s far more interested in “transforming America” through coercive force than doing battle with foreign adversaries – you can see the marked difference between the way he talks about global villains, and the far more engaged and bitter tone he takes when denouncing his domestic political opposition;

(3) Obama’s (and Hillary Clinton’s) notion of “smart power” involves using international influence against the parties most likely to respond to it, in a matter that will generate positive headlines for the White House – which means they spend a lot of time haranguing allies like Israel, while sparing few words for the head-chopping savages who aren’t interested in anything they have to say; and

(4) He really didn’t think the rest of the world harbored any serious threats he couldn’t soothe into a coma with one of his magnificent speeches.  Do not underestimate how loudly the pipe-organ music of his own self-regard echoes in the vast, empty cathedral of Barack Obama’s ego.  A few days ago, he was still prattling about reaching some sort of “understanding” with people who see no reason to ensure women and children are dead before burying them.

A person who sees the world in those terms thinks “don’t do stupid s**t” is both a clever motto that flatters his own intelligence, and an insult to those who dare to disagree with him.  It never occurs to him that aggressive global adversaries look at a hyper-power whose disengaged President is on endless vacation, leaving behind a circle of teenage staffers who regard foreign policy as an amusement-park ride, and see fantastic opportunities.  Why not go for yardage against people who openly declare their intention to play nothing but defense?

Obama could already feel Hillary Clinton’s hands in his back, as she prepared to throw him under the wheels of the global catastrophe bus, when he allegedly lost his composure at a July 31 meeting with congressional leaders, described by the Daily Beast:

Just before the congressional recess, President Obama invited over a dozen Senate and House leaders from both parties to the White House to talk about foreign policy. According to two lawmakers inside the meeting, Obama became visibly agitated when confronted by bipartisan criticism of the White House???s policy of slow-rolling moderate Syrian rebels??? repeated requests for arms to fight the Assad regime and ISIS.

According to one of the lawmakers, Sen. Bob Corker asked the president a long question that included sharp criticisms of President Obama???s handling of a number of foreign policy issues???including Syria, ISIS, Russia, and Ukraine. Obama answered Corker at length. Then, the president defended his administration???s actions on Syria, saying that the notion that many have put forth regarding arming the rebels earlier would have led to better outcomes in Syria was ???horses**t.???

White House officials confirmed the charged exchange between Obama and Corker but declined to confirm that Obama used the expletive. The interaction between Obama and Corker was a tense moment in the otherwise uneventful meeting.

There certainly is a lot of s**t bubbling up from the sewers of this Administration, isn’t there?  Obama’s ego won’t allow him to fade away and let Hillary run as the Democrat Party’s geopolitical janitor, since among other things, that would create a narrative about how she should have won the 2008 election and spared us the Obama debacle entirely.  (For a preview of what that narrative will look like, check out Megan McArdle at Bloomberg.)  It’s tough for any candidate to escape the undertow created by a sinking ship with the tonnage of the S.S. Obama Titanic, but in Hillary’s case it will be especially difficult, because Obama and his loyalists aren’t going to let her float away on the wreckage, and voters are apt to remember than she held some sort of secretarial position in Obama’s office.

The thing about that Syrian horses**t is that it’s a great example of all four principles of Obama’s “Don’t Do Stupid S**t” philosophy I outlined above.  Obama was incapable of seeing the Syrian conflict as part of anything larger.  He was utterly blindsided when ISIS – which he famously disparaged as al-Qaeda’s Junior Varsity league, and expressly believed could be overpowered by the “moderate” Syrian rebels – spilled over the border into Iraq.  He didn’t think Iraq was part of anything larger, either – it was just a leftover bit of Bush legacy that Obama wanted to wrap up as quickly as possible, ideally with the collapse of everything Bush achieved there.  His Party ideology, in which George Bush is an iconic demon figure, prevented him from seeing what was really at stake.

And Obama very clearly thought Syria was a problem he could finesse his way out of with a bit of rhetoric, ultimately dumping his infamous “red line on chemical weapons” line not because he gives a fig about Syrian weapons of mass destruction, but because he was tired of people bugging him about the ghastly carnage of the Syrian civil war.  He gave a speech, and thought it could be parlayed into a few good Sunday-show appearances by his surrogates to give the impression that he cares so very much about the Syrian people without actually having to do anything, because he didn’t think Bashar Assad would call his bluff by gassing anyone.

In Iraq, Mr. Don’t Do Stupid S**t figured the Kurds could hold ISIS in check, but he was wrong, and now we’re looking at news like this, from Fox News:

A helicopter delivering aid to displaced Yazidis on Iraq???s Sinjar mountain has crashed — killing the pilot and injuring other passengers — after too many people climbed aboard, Iraqi officials say.

Iraq’s military spokesman Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi said in a statement that Iraqi parliamentarian Vian Dakheel, of the minority Yazidi community most affected by the fighting, was aboard the Mi-17 helicopter and was injured in the crash. She and others aboard were evacuated to a hospital in the nearby Kurdish autonomous region.

“The helicopter delivered aid to the people stranded in Sinjar and too many people boarded it and it hit the mountain during takeoff,” said the Iraqi statement. Kurdish officials told the New York Times that there was no evidence of militant activity in the area.

The New York Times reported on its website that reporter Alissa J. Rubin, riding along on the helicopter for a story, suffered an apparent concussion and broken wrists in the crash. Photographer Adam Ferguson was also on board but uninjured.

A Kurdish regional government official told the newspaper that the helicopter pilot was killed in the crash.

If Vian Dakheel’s name sounds familiar, she was the one who called the world to arms against the ISIS horde from the Iraqi parliament floor:

CNN is posting videos of daring helicopter missions to rescue as many Yazidis as possible from their mountain deathtrap:

And nobody on Team Obama saw any of this coming.  Don’t let Hillary Clinton fool you into thinking she would have done better.  No Democrat can be trusted with foreign policy, not for at least a generation to come, because they don’t care about anything except domestic political power and blame-shifting.  If you want another four years of people hiding under their desks and jabbing fingers of blame at everyone they can think of… another four years of infantile tantrums and bitchy soap-opera theatrics while the world keeps burning… then sure, put Hillary Clinton in the White House.  She’ll give you some combination of Jurassic relics from Bill “Bin Laden Who?” Clinton’s administration and Obama holdovers, and they’ll promptly commence scratching each other’s eyes out and shrieking about something George Bush did twenty years ago, while Madame Hillary carefully positions herself to minimize the political damage.  Believe me, it won’t be entertaining enough to distract you from the sound of the wolves clawing at America’s door.