Thom Tillis is on the offensive

Republican Senate nominee Thom Tillis is involved in one of the nation’s toughest races. His campaign to defeat Democratic challenger and incumbent Kay Hagan is being touted as the race to watch in determining which party will be in control of the Senate come November.

53 year-old Tillis, a long-time businessman-turned-state representative, spoke to Human Events about his campaign and the challenges he faces:

Why did you decide to run for this seat, and what is the one message you’d like your constituents to hear? 

I was born into a working class family and learned from a young age that success depends on hard work. I couldn???t afford college when I graduated from high school, so I went to work, eventually becoming a partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and earning my college degree at the age of 36.

I???m running for the United States Senate because Kay Hagan has failed the people of North Carolina, giving our nation record spending and debt, and a failed healthcare law that resulted in nearly half a million North Carolinians receiving cancellation letters.

What is your campaign platform, and what key issues will you make your focus?

This campaign is a referendum on the failed record of Kay Hagan, who has been a rubber-stamp for President Obama???s liberal policies, voting with him 95 percent of the time.

As Speaker of the North Carolina House, I???ve proven I???m a problem-solver, balancing budgets, cutting wasteful spending, and providing teachers with historic pay raises.

In Washington, I will focus on creating a climate that helps create jobs and opportunities for Americans. Unlike Kay Hagan, who cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, I support repealing Obamacare and replacing it with market-based reforms that will increase competition and reduce health-care costs.

I strongly support the construction of the Keystone Pipeline and favor expanding offshore drilling to make our nation less dependent on foreign oil. I oppose cap and trade and will fight the EPA???s job-killing regulations that Hagan supports.

Under Obama and Hagan, big government handouts and bailouts have increased while millions of Americans lost their jobs. In the Senate, I will work to shrink the size of our federal government to its core Constitutional role so the private sector can thrive.

What are the biggest challenges your campaign faces?

Kay Hagan has the support of Harry Reid and far-left special interest groups that are awarding her out-of-touch liberal record by spending millions of dollars on her behalf.

Between now and Election Day, the campaign will be painting a contrast between my record of producing results for middle-class families and small businesses, and Hagan???s record of being a rubber-stamp for big labor unions and her liberal special interest allies.


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