The real Forever War, Part 6

John Rambo, “Rambo II” (1985), “Sir: Do we get to win this time?”

The title of this series of articles is “The ‘Real’ Forever War” – what makes this so ‘real’ and so ‘forever’?  Here is a fresh story, straight from the battle-lines.

The cease-fire began.  It was planned to be for 72 hours, three days.  Easily to understand, many denizens desired to return to their places of residence from which they fled previously due to either the fighting or to Hamas threats.  This story is an eye-witness account from a Tank Commander, an Officer and Assistant Company Commander of a Tank Company in a Southern Gaza Strip middle-sized town.

The people came in a largish group.  When they saw the Israeli tanks, clearly they were concerned and frightened, even though the guns were secured and the muzzles turned down.

So, what do ‘normal, brave’ men do when approaching a dangerous area with their families?

These brave and consistent chaps from Gaza; they placed their children in front to shield them.  Then they placed the womenfolk to walk in back of the children, and then they came – last.  Isn’t this just what any ‘brave’ man would do?

Wouldn’t you, Men of the West, do a similar thing?  Surely, place your children in harms way, and then your wives so that you have maximum protection.

Many tens of rockets were fired Friday and Saturday into Israel, which began well before the expiration of a 72-hour ceasefire between Jerusalem and Hamas.  At least two Israelis were injured in Friday’s rocket attacks.  Hamas violated the ceasefire hours before official expiration, firing rockets into Israel, unnoticed by the UNmen.  Israeli overtures to continue the ceasefire were flatly rejected by Hamas, which demands that Israel lift the Gaza Strip blockade so that new rockets can more easily be supplied.  Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren told reporters that Israel was “not going to negotiate under fire.”  Would any “Man of the West” comply with such an idea?

Remember what Benjamin Netanyahu said?  “We build missile defence systems to protect our population.  They use their population to protect their missiles.”

This story of the denizens return is a war anecdote.  It is also absolutely true.  More importantly, it is absolutely sad.

Remember the bombed school in Rafah that Jen Psaki was so “appalled” about.  We now KNOW that it never happened, but she is too unprofessional (or is that too kind a word) to admit truth or to check facts.  Hamas (or Paliwood) created it for illusion.  This is the same kind of illusion that makes people think forcing their children to protect them is civilisational.

Here are a few Gaza numbers the ‘normal’ media try to hide and are not widely known:

Eighteen percent of the rockets fired by Hamas – that is, about 600 rockets – were fired from schools, hospitals, mosques and cemeteries.

Between fourteen and twenty-five percent of rockets fired by Hamas actually fall inside Gaza – more than 450 rockets.  Israel is automatically blamed for every bit of damage done inside Gaza, whatever the cause.  Perhaps someone ought to calculate the damage inflicted by Hamas upon itself.

Israel has sent into Gaza, as of today, ten electricity generators.  It also repairs the electricity lines into Gaza damaged by Hamas rockets.  Most Gaza power comes from Israel (Egypt could be bothered).

During the course of Operation Protective Edge, southern residents particularly on the Eshkol region, a primarily agricultural region, went through difficult times.  Roughly 850 rockets, about thirty-five percent of them, exploded there.  Jen Psaki ‘forgot’ to count them, neglected to be appalled by those children who really were targeted.