The real Forever War, Part 3

The objective: ten thousand dead and wounded, hundreds of prisoners, all in one operation, to take place on Rosh Hashana (September 24th).


A map of a small number of the tunnels meant to be used 9 weeks from now.  Notice that tunnels are built in pairs, to come out on each side of a town, thus encircling it.

Some 150 Hamas brigands have been taken prisoner.  These are an important source of battlefield intelligence, and intensions.  A terrifying story emerges.  A horrific and utterly satanic scheme has come to light.  This is no ???conspiracy theory???; what has come to light has had tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions of dollars invested in it.

Hamas does not ???just??? shoot from inside ambulances, stockpile rockets in schools and prevent civilians from fleeing the places where the fighting is going on.  This is all part and parcel of a much larger plan.

Many tens of tunnels and bunker warrens have been discovered ??? as of this writing, nearly fifty have been discovered (at the start of Operation Protective Edge the estimation was for about 15).  These have some seventy entry and egress points.  Many piers existed solely for explosives and were not meant as egress.


A tunnel opening in Gaza.

All tunnels begin under Gaza Strip structures, such as schools, Mosques and hospitals.  So far, some 800,000 to 1,000,000 tons of concrete have been discovered in use within this vast underground urban complex.  To put that into perspective: A) Egypt has so far destroyed 1,370 tunnels (claimed) on its side of the Gaza Strip border (about one eight of the total border length); B) this amount of concrete (only the Israeli side) is about one tenth the amount of concrete used to construct the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, the world???s largest building.  For example, just one 1.7-kilometer tunnel that Israeli engineers discovered is estimated to have required 500 tonnes of concrete ??? sufficient to build a three-story hospital.

But that only mentions the ???entry??? sides of these tunnels.  Their egress is within the sovereign territory of Israel, under villages, kibbutzim, moshavim and towns.  Let us not misunderstand, ALL tunnel exits are within Israel.  Some recently discovered tunnels extend three kilometres into Israel.  Some tunnels are as deep as 30 meters, that is, some 100 feet underground!


Notice the construction sophistication.

The scheme is ???simple??? in conception.  The tunnels were meant to be used, all at once, on Rosh Hashana, exactly nine weeks from now.  Hamas??? plan was (well, actually ???is???) to attack ALL the settlements and kibbutzim in the area this year during the holiday, with a coordinated attack by several hundred terrorists at the same time.  The tunnels proceeded under the towns, under the kindergartens, under the dining rooms and other areas within the towns and villages.  The plan is to occupy the entire area and kill as many Israelis as possible, in the largest, grandest-scale terror attack in history.  Thousands of men, women and children were intended to be slaughtered.  The children were intended to be slaughtered first, via vast quantities of explosives placed directly under the kindergartens ??? much of this was already emplaced.

Hamas loaded these networks of tunnels and bunkers with food, accommodations, storage, explosives, weapons and murderers, some disguised as IDF soldiers.  The logistics are mind-boggling ??? an enormous achievement.  Their plan was to send them through the tunnels to emerge from the ground in the middle of Israeli towns with thrown grenades and indiscriminate shooting.  The goal is to kill as many Jews as possible.

These tunnels are more dangerous than any rocket or any other weapon, but stout hearts America; they were funded by your tax dollars ??? as well as the benevolent generosity of Qatar, your staunch ally.  Israel???s concerns about how the concrete would be used were universally derided in the West as inflicting cruel and needless ???collective suffering??? on the people of Gaza, who of course, did not receive any of the concrete for their own use.

Oh, and by the way, Ismail Haniyeh just purchased 27,000 square feet of beach-side property for $4 million, pays for his children to study in Europe, and sends his family members to hospitals ??? where else! — inside Israel, of course!

One really must take pity on such a conscientious civil servant-of-his-people.  It reminds me of a silly joke; does the fisherman like fish?  Then why does he kill them?  Does Haniyeh like ???Palestinian??? Arabs?  Then why does he kill them?



Hint: giving Hamas even more concrete will not help Gazans and will not bring peace to the Middle East.  Hamas??? raison d???etre is killing Jews to bring fundamental Islam ??? but be not concerned.  They shoot Jews; but they also shoot anyone else the organizations??? doesn???t like, including gays, prostitutes, apostates, girls in love, Egyptian soldiers, and political opponents from other Palestinian factions.  Actually, that is not quite accurate, they usually don???t shoot the gays; it is more common to throw them off roofs.  Probably more fun, too.



Anyone rooting here for Hamas is complicit in its agenda and terrorist actions.  And these terrorist actions are not ???just??? against Jews, they are firstly against the Palestinian people.  If you claim to care about Palestinians, AND you root for Hamas, then you are either a liar or an abysmal fool.