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Boehner: Let’s sue Obama!

Abuse the Constitution once, shame on you. Abuse it twice…

The Washington Post reported yesterday that “House Republicans voted to proceed with a lawsuit against President Obama, saying that his executive actions are so extreme that they violate the Constitution.”

Obama’s reaction to the news?

“They???re mad I???m doing my job,??? Obama said.

Except that he’s not doing his job. He’s doing Congress’ job, which he freely admits: “The only reason I???m doing it on my own is because you???re not doing anything.”

The votes tallied 225-201, with every House Democrat, not surprisingly, voting against the measure, and all but five Republicans voting for it. The Hill reports Reps. Paul Broun (GA), Scott Garrett (NJ), Walter Jones (NC), Thomas Massie (KY), and Steve Stockman (TX) voted against the measure. “Broun, Stockman, and Jones have all indicated support for impeaching President Obama,” reported The Hill. “Jones told The Hill he didn’t think the lawsuit went far enough.”

So what’s next? No one really knows. CNN chief correspondent Dana Bash told Anderson Cooper that this is just the first step. The lawsuit has been authorized. The next step will be setting up a legal team, and because this is “the first such legal challenge by a chamber of Congress against a president” (LA Times), things are tricky. Even if a judge does take the case, Bash says, it could take months or years to be resolved, and could very well remain unresolved even after Obama vacates the White House (joy).

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