Why Israel has the right to defend itself

The world is once again igniting a new age of Anti-Semitism. There have been protests, some violent, in major cities across the world from Muslim territories like Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan, to non-Muslim cities like Paris, Chicago, Washington DC, London, and cities in Norway and Ireland.

Countries involved in attempting to make peace are labeling Israel as the aggressor. Even though America has not overtly said Israel is the aggressor, John Kerry???s microphone mishap where he sarcastically addressed Israel???s ???Pinpoint Operation??? and the FAA???s decision to stop commercial air travel to Israel reveal what the Administration???s real intentions are.

While the world erupts because of dishonest media reports skewing the facts, most are unaware of what the conflict truly is about. They simply believe what the dishonest media reports. The real reason for the ongoing conflict is not about land, territory or any other made up charge against Israel. This conflict is another attempt to annihilate the Jewish people.

Since Biblical times, whether in their country or a foreign territory, Jews have faced a consistent threat of extinction. To put their threatened existence in perspective, below is a timeline of events of the Jewish people???s struggle for survival. Though not a complete list these are examples of what the Jewish people have had to endure.

  • 700BC The Assyrians took control of Israel and exiled the Jews from their country.
  • Approximately 586BC Babylon invaded and destroyed the first Temple. The Jews were then exiled to Babylon.
  • Haman, Vizier of the King of Persi, attempts to coerce the king to annihilate all Jews.
  • 538BC the Babylonian ruler allowed the Jews to return to their land and the Temple was rebuilt.
  • 332BC Alexander the Great conquered Israel.
  • 63BC Jerusalem was captured by the Romans and Roman rule was implemented.
  • 70AD the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and the second Temple. Most Jews fled the country but a small remnant remained in Israel.
  • 1099 The Crusaders invaded and killed non-Christians. Many Jews were trapped in their synagogue and burnt alive or sold into slavery.
  • 1929 Hebron Jews massacred by Arab militants.
  • 1939-1945 Jewish Holocaust where millions of Jews died.
  • Muslim leaders follow Adolf Hitler and also call on the death of the Jews.
  • 1948-Because of the Holocaust the Jews were granted their country back and the world decided on a Palestinian and Israel State.
  • 1948-Israel was invaded by 5 Arab states.
  • 1967-The Six Day War ensued when Israel was once again attacked by neighboring countries.
  • 1973-Yom Kippur war began when Egypt and Syria launched a coordinated attack against Israel.
  • 1991-Israel attacked by Iraqi scud missiles.
  • 1996-Arab terrorism against Israel.
  • 1988-Hamas is formed and its charter calls for the destruction of the Jews.

Now the Jewish people are facing another threat from Iran, ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah among others that are calling for the complete destruction of Israel.

Since its beginning in 1988 Hamas has killed hundreds of Jews. The terrorist organization openly states, ???Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” Hamas is using its own citizens homes, schools and hospital???s as a shield against Israel???s military defensive response. Hamas will allow its own citizens to be killed, including children, if it is a means to an end for Israel.

Even though Israel is the only one that agreed to all four ceasefires in the latest conflict, and Hamas agreed to none, the news still distorts the facts and labels Israel as the aggressor. Hamas continues to launch multiple rockets into Israel, yet the news refers to the conflict as ???The Israeli Offensive.???

Iran has also called for the destruction of Israel. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, ???The only rem­edy is the destruc­tion of Israel.??? They are not calling for their land. They are not calling for a Palestinian state, they are calling for the mass slaughter of Jews. They are using the Palestinian conflict as a way destroy Israel.

From its beginning, Israel and the Jewish people have faced a consistent threat of extinction. For thousands of years they have had to endure unprovoked attacks, invasions, and death.

If America was attacked by Mexico for one day, it would not be tolerated. America would immediately seek retribution and justice just as they did with Pearl Harbor and the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Why does the US and the rest of the world expect Israel, a nation that is roughly the size of New Jersey, and that is surrounded by enemies, to not defend itself?

If Israel does not fight back surely their children will be killed and a Nation of people will once again face extinction. They have every right to defend themselves.