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Sheriff returns dead son’s shotgun to couple, claims his rosaries, other religious items missing

Shotgun’s return brings some closure, mother said.

After six year battle with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain Jr., a Louisiana couple received their late son’s shotgun July 14, seized by deputies with a warrant tied to charges against the father dropped shortly after the raid on their home.

Sherrie Buras-Manton said receiving the Youth Model 20-guage shotgun, a sentimental gift given to her son David when he was 10-years-old, from the sheriff??s office today means a whole lot to her.

??The first thing I did was ask the deputy to turn the gun around so that I can see and then kiss those initials carved-in by David,” she said.

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Raquel Okyay is a conservative writer and activist in New York State. She is a Conservative Party Leader and Founder of Ulster Orange Tea Party. Raquel also serves on the Board of Directors of NYS Right to Life. You can follow her on twitter @RQPoliticalBlog