Wayne Allyn Root: Obama's murdering the middle class

Wayne Allyn Root, author, businessman, and politician, says in his new book, The Murder of the Middle Class: How to Save Yourself and Your Family from the Criminal Conspiracy of the Century (Regnery, July 2014) that the middle class is dying, and it’s “not from natural causes.” Root spoke to Human Events about President Obama’s plan to destroy our country, his process, and what to do about it.

You’ve been outspoken in calling for President Obama’s impeachment. Pat Buchanan recently wrote an article in which he says impeachment is “a bridge too far,” and that we have no grounds. What’s your response? 

I???m shocked, absolutely shocked. He???s trying to be too technical. The grounds that I use are the Kevin Trudeau grounds, famous infomercial pitch man on TV. Trudeau is now serving ten years in prison because he sold a $30 book to a million people. The book was a weight loss book and it basically intended you to believe that losing weight is easy, and then when you opened it, you found out it???s not easy, it???s a low calorie diet that will starve you. So [the U.S. government] claimed Trudeau committed fraud because if he told you the truth, you wouldn???t have bought [the book].

So that???s fraud, ten years in prison. Barack Obama should be convicted for fraud and misrepresentation on Obamacare. What did he do? He told us all how easy it was and how cheap it was, and it wouldn???t cost anybody anything, and he was lying through his teeth the entire time. If he told us the truth, that the middle class would be murdered, and your bills would be double or triple, nobody would have bought it, nobody would have elected him. I lost my own health insurance. It???s going to happen to everybody, and Obama promised it wouldn???t. That???s the crime, that???s the theft, that???s the criminal conspiracy I???m talking about.

Obama did the same thing as Kevin Trudeau. Pat Buchanan???s not getting it. Why do we treat a politician differently from a private sector CEO? Obama lied to 317 million people, and what he did is so monstrous compared to what Trudeau did. Obama has doubled and tripled the health insurance of every person in America. It could be the first trillion dollar theft in the history of the world. He probably cost us a trillion dollars over the next ten years. Everybody???s rates are doubled and tripled and quadrupled in order to pay for thirty million of his voters to get free healthcare. How is that not fraud? It absolutely is.

Let???s take it a step further. How many people have cancer and have lost their insurance or their doctor? I just got the letter in the mail last Friday, my insurance: cancelled: for my family of six. You tell me if I were dying of cancer, how would I take that letter? I might die right away. The stress might kill me. Therefore, Barack Obama has done more than commit fraud, he???s committed manslaughter. Not murder, it???s not premeditated murder, let???s assume it???s involuntary manslaughter.

Pat Buchanan is so far off; he???s not understanding. He???s looking at Benghazi, he???s looking at the IRS, and he???s saying officially, Washington, D.C. would say we don???t have the proof yet. But everyone has the proof that Obamacare was a rip off. We???ve all gotten the notice in the mail. Pretty much everyone knows now that Obama lied about everything.

When Obama campaigned in 2008, he said, because of Obamacare, the price [of health insurance] will go down $2,500 a year per family. But instead, it went up $3,000 per family, per year. That was before Obamacare even started. That was just his first term. Then Obamacare started, and in the first few months of Obamacare, the price actually went up on average more for health insurance benefits for middle class Americans than in the eight years previous combined. Is that not fraud? That???s a crime perpetrated on the American people.

Obama???s the greatest scam artist in the history of the world. He???s lied to everybody again and again.

What’s Obama???s motive since he???s not risking another election?

I said from the beginning, if he???s re-elected, we???re in big trouble, because he never has to face the voters again. He isn???t going to care; he doesn???t have to worry about popular opinion, he???ll just finish the job of destroying America. And that???s exactly what he???s doing. People don???t get it. There???s a lot of nice people, salt of the earth, they just always assume everybody???s got positive motives in life. I know very few people have positive motives in life. It???s all their own agenda. Barack Obama does not have any positive motive. His agenda is to destroy the United States of America. He hates American exceptionalism, he hates patriotism, he hates capitalism, he hates small business, he hates independent contractors which are the heart of America and create all the jobs, and he hates Judeo-Christian values, and he???s doing his best to wipe them all out.

He???s using a specific plan that he and I learned at Columbia. I graduated the same class as he did, Columbia University, class of ???83. He and I were in the same class together, studied all the same things. We studied Cloward and Piven, two Columbia professors. They said the only way to ruin America is not from the outside; it???s got to be from the inside. Take over the White House, take over politics, take over the Senate, take over the House, and we???ve got to put radicals in office who overwhelm the system, who destroy the country with spending, entitlements, and debt, mostly welfare and food stamps. And guess what???s happening right now? That???s it! That???s what???s happening. Spending, entitlements, debt, taxes, and regulation: the five things that every Communist country uses to destroy its people. That???s what Barack Obama is doing to America, and I learned it at Columbia.

Either Barack Obama is the most ignorant, stupid man who???s ever been in the White House, a total incompetent clown, or he???s the most brilliant man who???s ever been in the White House. Don???t get mad at me because I call him a Communist, because I???m saying he???s brilliant. He???s doing a damn good job of ruining America. I???m giving him credit for being brilliant. If you want to call him an idiot, that???s the only other choice, because if anyone intended to help America doing what Obama???s done and producing the results he???s done, he???s the biggest idiot who’s ever stepped foot in the White House. It???s only one or the other, look at the results. I???m giving him credit.

If the GOP wins the Senate back in 2014 this fall, do you think things will turn around or are we too far gone?

I have mixed feelings. Here???s the problem I have: The Republican Party, which is the only vehicle which can save America at this point. The Libertarian Party is incapable of winning a single election. I want to win, so I???m fighting from within the Republican Party. The problem is, when you look at the Mississippi election that just happened, Thad Cochran won in a primary after forty years in the Senate. He beat Chris McDaniel who was the Tea Party candidate. Chris stands for Tea Party values, simply spending less before the country goes bankrupt, and Cochran campaigned like a liberal Democrat, like a socialist. He beat McDaniel by convincing Democratic voters who have never voted for a Republican in their entire life in the deepest urban areas of Mississippi to cross party lines and vote Republican because he said, ???vote for me, because I???ll protect your welfare and your food stamps and all the government spending I bring back to Mississippi.???

If that???s the argument of Republicans, then we???re too far gone.

I may in fact run, I???m not promising it yet or officially declaring, but I???m thinking really seriously about running against Harry Reid for the United States senate in 2016. I???d love to take down the senate majority leader, because I think he???s the second most responsible person in America for all the bad things that have happened. He???s protected Obama???s rear guard the entire six years Obama???s been president. He is the biggest problem in America besides Obama himself. The point is, if you win the senate, but the people who get elected are as liberal, big government as most Democrats, what have you gained? If Thad Cochrans are elected, we???ve done nothing, we???ve gained nothing. If you elect Tea Party candidates, which is what I proudly will call myself, a Tea Party conservative, then you’ve got a shot. We have to keep fighting for good candidates, not just any candidate.

My book talks about how you win elections. We need to find salesmen and saleswomen because our message is so much harder to sell than the Democratic Party???s message. Obama???s message is: if he were a parent, this is how he???d talk to his kids: ???We???re having candy for breakfast, candy for lunch, candy for dessert at night, you don???t have to brush your teeth, we???re never going to a dentist, and tomorrow, skip school and watch cartoons all day. And the Republican message is: Go to school, study hard, get there early, stay late, and eat your broccoli all day long. And we???re going to go to the dentist and you need braces. Guess what? Most people don???t want to hear that message, but in the long run, it???s great for your life. We???re the party of broccoli and Obama???s the party of chocolate. We have a much harder message to sell, so we have to have world class salesmen and saleswomen to sell the message.

Who is a world class salesman? Ronald Reagan. He was an actor and an entertainer and a communicator. So I think the mistake of the Republican Party is that they???ve spent the last thirty years looking for a guy with Reagan???s views when they should have spent the time looking for a candidate with Reagan???s ability to sell and brand and entertain.

Do you have anyone in mind?

There are good salesmen out there. Let me tell you about some of my favorites: I like Dr. Ben Carson. I think he???s interesting because he???s a brilliant neurosurgeon and we???ve never had someone like that run for office. I think he makes the case as a black American to the minority community that they???re willing to listen to. I watched him on the View, and he actually stumped Whoopi Goldberg. He had her speechless. She didn???t know what to say, and they respected him so much, being this genius African American neurosurgeon, and they can???t call him a racist. He wins arguments for us that we, as fellow Republicans, can???t really win with the minority community. We???ve got to get minority votes. We have to get Hispanic votes, black votes, gay votes, female votes. We???ve got to get out there and fight for all of them.

You don???t have to break your principles to get them. I don???t want to do what Thad Cochran did. I tell this story in my book: When I was 21 years old, the Republican Party of New York asked me to run for West Chester County legislator. I ran against a woman who had never lost a race in her whole life, and since then, has never lost a race. She was in a district that was black and Jewish, all Democrat. In all the years before and all the years since, I gave her her closest margin of victory. What I did was walked door to door to every house in the district, including every black housing project in the most dangerous areas of New Rochelle, New York. And I did well.

My point to you is, you don???t need to bend your principles to get those votes. You just need to show up. I don???t think Republicans ever show up in [these] communities and make their case, and I think if we do, we can win elections. If you find a good salesman who is charismatic and who looks good and speaks the language of the people.

Do you think that we can ever recover from the way our nation is now?

We???re in a lot of trouble. It???s a very difficult road to hoe, and the people we elect, for the most part, sell out the minute they get there, and that???s the problem. They claim they???re for the people, but the minute they get elected, it???s about the next election, they???re making fundraising calls.

Can you turn around the American economy with people like that? Who don???t care about small business and don???t care about middle class people? We better get an entire U.S. Senate and House of Ted Cruzes. That is my example of a perfect United States senator: Ted Cruz. Rand Paul is another great example. I don???t always agree on everything Rand Paul says, but I still think all in all, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio, who are the Tea Party coalition of the Senate, are as close as we get to the kind of senators that could save America. If you had a Senate majority of those four, you could actually have a chance of saving America. Short of that, you???re not going to save America. We???re drifting into, if not Communism, then Socialist-light, Greece, Italy, France territory.

Are you optimistic that people will start to realize what???s going on and start voting for better candidates? Obama???s approval ratings keep getting worse and he???s been named ???the worst president in modern history.??? Do you think middle class people will wake up and see why they???ve been struggling so much and put the two and two together?

Here???s the problem: First of all, we???ve had generations of people being dumbed-down in schools. They don???t even know what Communism is. They don???t know what socialism is. They don???t know what they???re looking at.  Are they all starting to sour on Obama? Yes. Even the black community is starting to sour on Obama over the southern border issue. They???re angry that he???s spending money on illegals that should be spent on the inner cities that are filled with black Americans living in complete poverty and being tortured with crime, and they???re saying, ???why aren???t you spending the money on us????

Will they then turn around and vote for a Republican? Doubtful. They???ll turn around and vote for Hillary Clinton, thinking that???s different. And she???s not different from Obama. And I don???t even think Hillary???s going to get the nomination. If I had to bet right now, I???d put my money on Elizabeth Warren, and she???s even more liberal than Hillary.

Reagan turned around Jimmy Carter???s great depression. He created twenty million jobs in two years. What did he do? He simply took power away from the government. He starved the government, and instead gave the power back to the people. He cut taxes from 70 percent to 20 percent. I have a plan I call ???Reagan with Steroids.??? It is the same idea as Reagan: starve the government, take the money away from the government, and give it to the people: create all the jobs, small business. How do you do that? A one year, national income tax vacation. For one year, you jumpstart the economy. The way you shock the economy is to let people keep their own money.

Another point I make in my book is, how did the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl? The 12th man. The 12th man are the fans in the stands. They???re so loyal in Seattle. What does Seattle do? They reward their fans. They honor them. That???s what all smart business people do. They reward their best customers. The Republican Party is full of idiots and morons, because the Tea Party is their biggest fan.  My book recommends treating the Tea Party like a 12th man, and honoring them and rewarding them and loving them, and try to do a few things and make them happy every once and while, and then going out and converting great conservative candidates with Reagan???s views but also with Reagan???s smile, Reagan???s personality, Reagan???s charisma, Reagan???s comedic ability.

What do we risk by doing nothing?

The murder of the middle class is happening every day, in every single way. Obama needed to increase your premiums and to increase your taxes so that you would go broke or be needing a government check. Then at that point, he???s got you, like a drug dealer has an addict. You need the check, you???re going to vote Democrat. The new jobs report came out, and if you heard it all over the news, it???s such a good report. 288,000 jobs created. You know what the real number is? 525,000 full time jobs lost in the month of June. 800,000 part time jobs gained. Minimum wage and low wage jobs are the only things created by this president. If he were a white Republican and he produced results like that, and he produced black unemployment double that of white unemployment, there would be screams for him to go to prison. There would be screams for impeachment coming from the black community. His career would be over. All he???s looking to do is destroy America, and you???re just road kill along the way.