Even Investment Bulls Can Get a Good Idea from the Bears

I am bullish on the stock market, but I heard something from a couple of investment bears at the annual FreedomFest conference last week that may point to a new opportunity to earn precious profits.

The annual event just concluded Saturday night in Las Vegas, and one of the panel discussions that I found to be especially valuable was the debate between the bulls and the bears about the future direction of the stock market. Even though the gloom-and-doom stock market forecasters failed to sway me to their side, I found at least one of their ideas worthy of serious consideration.

As a hedge against a possible stock market pullback and the risk of inflation, gold is an alternative asset that you may want to buy. I personally think owning precious metals such as gold and silver coins with a small percentage of your assets is a smart way to diversify your assets generally. But the market’s advance during the past couple of years enhances the appeal of owning precious metals.

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