Government Handouts Turn Recipients into ???Addicts,??? Former VP Candidate Says

LAS VEGAS–The government???s spending programs are keeping the people who receive the help ???addicted??? to aid, said Wayne Allyn Root, author of the new book, ???The Murder of the Middle Class.???

The problem not only exists with the U.S. government but in states such as California, where heavy government regulation and spending raise the costs of goods and services, said Root, who was the 2008 Libertarian Party vice-presidential nominee. President Obama and many other lawmakers today continue to advocate policies that increase the dependency of people on the government.

???Once you take a government check, you can???t get out of it,??? said Root. ???It???s like a drug addict.???

Root also compared the situation to ???battered-wife??? syndrome in which a spouse will be abused but yet defend her husband when the police arrive to save her from further harm.

Both Democrats and Republicans took verbal barbs from Root during his July 11 speech at FreedomFest here.

???Who would trade five mass murderers for one deserter???? Root said as he began to criticize President Obama., who he described as a ???pure communist, Marxist.???

???There is something very wrong with the man in the White House,??? Root said.

At this moment, terrorists are entering America and the border is so open that a ???four-year-old in diapers??? can walk across, Root said.

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