Do You Have the Right ETFs for Your Goals?

This time of year — essentially the halfway point — is a great opportunity for you to do a little post-analysis of your investment holdings to see where you are, and to see if where you are is where you want to be. In today???s Weekly ETF Report video, I talk about the importance of performing your own personal halftime review, and I strongly encourage you to check the video out as soon as you have a chance.

One of the most important things about conducting this halftime review is to make sure the stocks, bonds, mutual funds and, hopefully, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) you own are meeting your overriding investment objectives. Yet for many investors, knowing what that objective really is can be half the battle.

For example, are you primarily a growth investor, or primarily an income investor? Are you looking to get big gains on the money you???ve invested, or are you looking to generate income from your existing assets? If you haven???t yet defined this for yourself, then you need to do so immediately. That???s because your goals will determine where you want to put your money. Stated differently, you want to make sure you have the right ETFs for your goals.

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