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This phony scandal proves the Left attacks leaders it fears.


The ‘most dangerous man in the Obama administration’

He makes up rules and enforces them as he pleases.

In his new book, Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department (co-written with John Fund), Hans von Spakovsky reveals how our attorney general has turned America’s Department of Justice into “a politicized hotbed of left-wing legal activism.” The author revealed to Human Events the magnitude of Holder’s offenses highlighted in his book, offenses which should be an alarming wake-up call to every American:

What do you reveal in your book that people might not know about Eric Holder?

People would be shocked at just how much of an ideologue he is. I think they would [also] be surprised at just how far back this goes, and in particular, the way he has completely politicized the department throughout all the different divisions, and how that now drives the decision-making, which is a very bad thing for the Justice Department, given its ability to abuse the law.

You say in your book that Holder has lied under oath numerous times. Can you tell us specifically what youā??re referring to?

We give some very specific examples[in the book]. One example is, on Operation Fast and Furious, he misinformed Congress as to when he found out about it and knew about it. In fact, he changed his story on that with two different committees, telling a House committee one thing, and telling a Senate committee something else. He also clearly lied to Congress when he said there were no political appointees involved in the decision to dismiss the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case. We now know that is not true.

How did Holder get so powerful and how is he able to get away with this?

For two reasons: One, he has the complete support of the president. The president likes what heā??s doing, has no objections to anything he is doing, and in fact, itā??s a team effort between the two of them to ignore the laws they donā??t like, to change laws they donā??t like, and to carry out what the president considers to be his priorities in the public policy arena, even when itā??s against the law.

Also, heā??s able to get away with this because itā??s very clear that Democrats in the Senate and Democrats in the House also completely support everything heā??s doing. They have absolutely no objections to his breaking the law, and so heā??s got their full support, and heā??s got the presidentā??s full support.

Having chronicled Holderā??s career and what heā??s accomplished with the Justice Department, what would you say is his agenda? What is he trying to do to America?

He shares the presidentā??s progressive view of wanting to change America into this progressive utopia, and heā??s doing everything he can from the Justice Department to push through the kind of social and economic policies that the president wants to implement, and also, and one of the most dangerous things, is the huge expansion of the power of the executive branch of the federal government.

Would you say that Eric Holder is the most dangerous man in the Obama administration?

Yes, I think thatā??s an accurate statement.

Holder has already done a large amount of damage, as you have documented. Is what heā??s doing going to be something that will take years for us to recover from, if we ever can, or is he doing so much harm that itā??s going to take a really strong Republican president or an overtake of the Senate by the GOP to undo any of these things, or to stop him?

I think that it will take all of the above. Itā??s going to be very difficult to reverse much of what he has done even if a Republican president is elected who puts in a very ethical and professional attorney general. He has so politicized the department that thatā??s a very difficult thing to reverse, particularly because he has bent and twisted the merit service rules that govern career positions within the department to fill slots with political cronies and with ideologically left, radical lawyers, and those people, unfortunately, will be there, even when he leaves and even if a Republican president comes in, and it will be almost impossible to get them out of the Justice Department.

Other than Fast and Furious, what are the biggest scandals or the most damaging actions Eric Holder has been involved in, and how does it affect the average American?

One of the things unfortunately he has done is hurt our national security by putting lawyers who are representing terrorists inside the national security apparatus and returning us to the criminal model for dealing with terrorists. This was spectacularly unsuccessful during the Clinton administration; many point to it having led to 9/11, and here we are going down that road again. He also has basically infused race into almost every kind of enforcement decision, which is taking us backwards as a country.

There have been calls by multiple leaders in the Republican Party and by citizens to impeach Eric Holder. Do you see that ever happening? How could that come about?

No, I donā??t think itā??ll happen. I think there are plenty of grounds for that, but there is absolutely nothing that he could do that would convince Democrats in the Senate to actually vote to impeach him. No matter how unethical, no matter how unprofessional he is, they like what he is doing politically, so they will just simply ignore any violations of the law that he commits. They simply would not vote to impeach him no matter what.

If the Senate is overtaken by the Republicans in November, then do you see impeachment happening, or are you not optimistic for that at all?

No, I think theyā??re going to be so busy with other things that they would think that would be a distraction from the things they have to accomplish.

Other than lying under oath, as you mentioned heā??s done numerous times, how else has Eric Holder broken the law?

A quick example that is very recent: He has announced that heā??s going to provide legal representation to many of the illegal aliens who have come across the border recently. That is a direct violation of federal law. He clearly has absolutely no compunction about violating a provision of the federal immigration law that says the federal government canā??t pay for that kind of legal representation.

So heā??s basically making up his own rules and then enforcing them because he has the power to do so?

Yes. Thatā??s exactly correct.

Teresa Mull is managing editor of Human Events.

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