Keeping up with Global Emerging Markets

There are two perspectives that investors may use to assess emerging markets. In the first view, the easy-money policies of central banks are buoying the share prices of publicly traded companies and enhancing the returns for investors in emerging markets. An alternative view is that increasingly wealthy and better-educated populations are driving increased domestic demand and productivity. Both of these perspectives point to a key benefit of investing in emerging markets: they are not highly correlated with investments in developed economies and thereby present a true opportunity for diversification. If you seek diversification in your portfolio, take a look at Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index ETF (VWO).

VWO seeks to track, before fees and expenses, the performance of a benchmark index of stocks issued by companies located in emerging-market countries. In addition, VWO offers reduced risk by investing in the various public companies included in the index that it models.

The fund has gained 4.35% this year, recovering from pullbacks in February and March. Its yield is 2.77%. VWO is currently trending well above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages, just as it has been doing since April.

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