Win: Bacon sales on the rise

Americans’ obsession with bacon doesn’t look like it will be dissipating anytime soon.

Americans ate 1.1 billion servings of their favorite form of pork in the year ending April 2014, which is a six percent increase from the year before, according to data from market researcher NPD. Pigs aren’t the only animal in trouble, either, because beef, chicken, and turkey varieties have also seen a rise in sales.

Even ducks should feel paranoid; duck bacon shipments increased by triple digits.

CBS reported:

Sales have also been bolstered by what NPD describes as “new and innovative bacon menu offerings.” Indeed, a generation ago most Americans associated bacon with breakfast or as the “B” in a Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches. Now, bacon is found in a wide variety of products ranging from bacon ice cream to bacon soap.

“Beyond the obvious popularity of bacon among restaurant consumers, we’re seeing pockets of opportunity for the bacon category at other foodservice outlets that are less obvious,” says said Annie Roberts, an NPD vice president, in a press release. “There is definitely room for bacon, in whatever form or type, to grow.”

The bad news is that a virus unstoppable by scientists is continuing to kill millions of baby pigs. As a result, pork production may drop by seven percent this year, and bacon prices may rise by ten percent.