How do other countries handle illegal immigration?

Documenting people who arrive in your country is an idea that makes sense. Lots of countries think so, even if the U.S. doesn???t take it seriously.

How do other countries handle illegals? SPOILER: They???re not as forgiving as we Americans.

Russia: Illegal border crossing is considered a crime, and ???captured illegal border crossers have been sentenced to prison terms.??? In October 2008, a North Korean was caught and detained as an ???economic migrant.??? He was forced to serve six months in Russian prison before being deported.

Italy: A law passed by parliament in 2009 ???penalizes illegal immigrants with a fine of ???5,000-10,000 and allows immigration officials to detain them for up to 6 months.???

China: Whisleblowers who report illegals to the government receive a cash reward when their information ???leads to an expulsion.???

Australia: Passed the Migration Reform Act of 1992. This act and its subsequent amendments, ???collectively require the authorities to detain all non-citizens who are discovered in Australia without a valid visa.???

Iran: According to Wikipedia, ???Since late April 2007, the Iranian government has forcibly deported back to Afghanistan mostly unregistered (and some registered) Afghans living and working in Iran at a rate between 250,000 and 300,000 per year. The forceful evictions of the refugees, who lived in Iran and Pakistan for nearly three decades, are part of the two countries’ larger plans to repatriate all Afghan refugees within a few years.???

Mexico: Tightened its immigration laws in 2008, and has been deporting mass numbers of Central Americans and Cubans.