Romney: Clinton's foreign policy is 'clueless'

Mitt Romney blasted Hillary Clinton this weekend, dubbing her foreign policy record “clueless.” The former presidential candidate predicted that Hillary will not have success in 2016 due to her lack of accomplishments as secretary of state.

Romney criticized Clinton’s comments regarding the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner trade for five high-level Taliban leaders and said that her attempt to reset policy in Russia was counterproductive.

???She said the commandos don’t represent a threat to the United States,??? he told David Gregory, the host of NBC‘s ???Meet the Press.??? ???Of course they do … are you kidding????

Romney hosted a three-day summit in Park City, Utah this weekend. Republican hopefuls Sen. Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, New Mexico Gov. Susan Martinez, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Rep. Paul Ryan were in attendance. Clinton did not join the group due to a scheduling conflict.

Romney also blamed Obama for delaying his decisions.

???Bad things happen as a result of inaction ??? the consequences, obviously, have been very severe,??? he said. ???The time [to act] in Syria was when [Bashar] Assad was on his heels.???

In his 2012 campaign, Romney held that the U.S. should leave some troops in Iraq to maintain stability.