Jon Williams: WH values 'treason more than service'

Not a single soldier applauded when Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced Bowe Bergdahl’s return at Bagram Air Field. Jon Williams explains why:

You see, when Hagel took the stage, he expected joy at the announcement that one of their own was returned! However, you have to see inside a soldier???s mind to understand what was going on here. I believe I can provide a little insight.

When a soldier deserts his post, when he writes that he is ashamed to be an American, when he gives the enemy secrets (and he did), he is no longer ???one of us???. He is a traitor. He is not a brother-in-arms.
Soldiers risk their lives for each other every day on the battlefield, there is a trust and respect they have for each other. For Bowe Bergdahl to break that trust and the Secretary of Defense to announce a hero???s welcome instead of a court-martial is a huge let-down.

He isn’t one of their own. He is one of them. He is the enemy.

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