Drilling Down on the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things… there is much talk about how this is the next stage in the Internet, moving past smartphones, tablets, email and social media to what some say could be the industrialization of the Internet. Others call it the dawn of the Big Data industry. Either way, more things will soon be connected to the Internet and to you. With news coming out of Apple about its new HomeKit offering, as well as Google not only buying Nest, but making a greater push for its Android ecosystem, we want to go behind the scenes and in the know.

Joining us on PowerTalk today to discuss this is Liat Ben-Zur, chairwoman of the AllSeen Alliance. The AllSeen Alliance is the industry’s broadest open-source Internet of Things project. It was created by the Linux Foundation and in less than five months has grown to 44 members, including LG, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Haier, Sharp, AT&T Digital Life, Cisco and others.

Liat compares the Internet of Things with the early days of mobile and mobile technology, which today is nearly ubiquitous. Coming up, you can hear the hows and whys of that comparison, as well as why Liat says the Internet of Things will lead to something called Mobile 3.0.

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Listen to my behind-the-scenes PowerTalk conversation now, so you are even more in the know:

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