The week that was

“Sunshine is the laughter of nature. Live out in the sunshine. The sun and air are good medicine. Nature is a good nurse for tired bodies. Let her have her way with you. God’s grace is like the sunshine. It makes glad the hearts of human beings. The Divine spirit heals and cures the mind. Let it have its way and all will be well. I pray that I may live in the sunshine of God’s spirit. I pray that my mind and soul may be energized by it.”

– Mediation from Twenty Four Hours a Day 

The EPA proposed a bunch of new regulations nobody likes. Let’s propose some government regulations ourselves, wherein we regulate the government’s regulations.

June 6 marked the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion at Normandy. Obama observed the event that brought world peace by snubbing a powerful world leader.

Bowe Bergdahl, who deserted his unit in Afghanistan, said he was ashamed to be an American, and joined up with the Taliban, was released this week when Obama illegally traded five terrorists to get Bergdahl back. Why is one terrorist worth five, though? Seems like we got swindled on this deal.

Los Angeles was named the most congested city in North American. For every hour spent on the road during rush hour, commuters are stuck in traffic for an average of 39 minutes. As if LA needed another mark against it.

And the San Antonio Spurs are up one game to zero in the NBA finals. Duncan, Ginobili, Parker… have they ever not been playing together?