The Taliban got back their terrorists ???now Castro wants his

It didn???t take long. Exactly two days after the announcement of the Berghal/Taliban-Five deal, Cuba???s Terror-Sponsoring (official classification by U.S. State Dept.) regime started clamoring for an Alan Gross/Cuban-Five deal.

Alan Gross is a Jewish American held hostage by the Castro regime since December 2009. He was arrested while distributing computers and satellite phones to Cuba???s microscopic (and mostly regime-collaborationist) Jewish community while on assignment for USAID (United States Agency for International Development). After a ???trial,??? the Castro regime formally sentenced Gross to fifteen years in prison.

???The Cuban Five??? are Cuban terrorist spies nabbed in south Florida in 1998 and convicted in U.S. federal courts on 26 counts of espionage along with conspiracy to commit murder– of three U.S. citizens. Two of the five communist spies have already had their sentences reduced and been returned to heroes??? welcomes in Cuba.

To add grotesque insult to Alan Gross??? injury, the very people he was attempting to help ???testified??? against him in Castro???s kangaroo court almost en masse. You have to be very careful when entering a snake pit like Castro???s Cuba.

Alan Gross??? heart seemed in the right place, but the wisdom of his Cuban mission can be questioned. The people he was trying to help???the few Jews who remained in Castro???s Cuba after over 90 percent fled the communist revolution???were mostly old Bolsheviks who couldn???t bring themselves to break with the old time religion. As mentioned, they and their descendants did their duty to the Castro regime by ratting out Alan Gross during judicial procedures, perfectly mimicking those presided over by Andrei Vishinsky during The Great Terror???s show trials.

???Et Tu Adela???? might have been gasped by the hapless Alan Gross during his trial. But we don???t know because his ???trial??? was closed to the (uncomplaining) press ???from CNN to ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR and PBS– who infest Cuba. After all, these ???gallant crusaders for truth!??? (as Columbia School of Journalism hails its graduates) have plenty on their Cuban plates already, what with the vital tasks of transcribing the Stalinist regime???s steady flow of propaganda hand-outs and reporting such bombshell scoops as what Beyonce and Jay-Z  wore on their Havana visit.

???Adela??? refers to Castroite apparatchik Adela Dworin, who performs as president of Havana???s ???Jewish Community House??? for gullible tourists and ???cultural exchange??? ambassadors to the Castro family fiefdom. Later, as a proper cap for the revolting Stalinesque charade, Dworin visited Gross in his cell and posed smilingly with her arm around the gaunt but bitterly smiling American hostage she swindled, framed, and helped condemn to fifteen years in a KGB-designed dungeon.

A declassified KGB document from May, 20, 1981 revealed by Vladimir Bukovsky snickers the following: ???Cultural exchanges with foreign countries are our most effective propaganda.???

To say nothing of a handy-dandy cash pipeline and hostage buffet. As mentioned, Alan Gross was on assignment for USAID. But the scamming of U.S. agencies has never offered even modest sport for Castro???s people. The only challenge might be….remember how on the old Carol Burnett Show how Carol, Harvey Korman, and Tim Conway always cracked up during skits? After trying to stifle the guffaws?

Well, who could possibly blame Castro and his people for similar facial contortions when sneaking vital data to our crackerjack CIA sleuths. To wit:

???We???ve infiltrated Castro???s guerrilla group in the Sierra Mountains. The Castro brothers and Ernesto ???Che??? Guevara have no affiliations with any Communists whatsoever.??? (Havana CIA station chief Jim Noel Nov. 1958.)

???Fidel Castro is not only not a communist ???he???s a strong anti-Communist fighter. He???s ready to help us in the hemisphere???s anti-communist fight and we should share our intelligence with him.??? (CIA Cuba ???expert??? Frank Bender, after conferring with Fidel Castro upon the latter???s visit to the U.S. in April, 1959.)

In an unguarded moment while speaking to the Simon Weisenthal???s Rabbi, Abraham Cooper (who was allowed to visit Gross last year), a Castro official spilled the beans on Gross??? arrest. Naturally, the U.S. media (eager to maintain their cushy Havana bureaus) have ???overlooked??? this fascinating item. ???Everyone knows that the Jews have a lot of clout in Washington,??? the Castro official told Rabbi Cooper, ???somewhat sheepishly???– so sentencing Gross to 15 years could be the key to win the freedom of their agents jailed in the U.S., the thinking went.

Point is, Castro got his American hostage in December 2009, and –convinced he held a good hand– immediately cranked up the propaganda campaign to swap his convicted terrorists for Alan Gross. This ???Free the Cuban Five??? campaign features a rogue???s gallery of Castro???s American agents of influence, on the payroll and off; from Danny Glover to Martin Sheen and Susan Sarandon, from Oliver Stone to Tom Hayden and Jimmy Carter.

Yes, the ???Elder Statesmen??? of America???s majority political party lends his name to a communist propaganda campaign to unconditionally free the KGB-trained terrorist guilty of, from the FBI affidavit:

*Gathering intelligence against the Boca Chica Air Naval Station in Key West, the McDill Air Force Base in Tampa and the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Homestead, Fla.

* Compiling the names, home addresses and medical files of the U.S. Southern Command???s top officers, along with those of hundreds of officers stationed at Boca Chica.

* Infiltrating the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command.

* Sending letter bombs to Cuban-Americans.

* Spying on McDill Air Force Base, the U.S. armed forces??? worldwide headquarters for fighting ???low-intensity??? conflicts.

* Locating entry points into Florida for smuggling explosive material.

One of these Castro agents, Gerardo Hernandez, also infiltrated the Cuban-exile group Brothers to the Rescue, who flew unarmed planes to rescue Cuban rafters in the Florida straits, also known as ???the cemetery without crosses.??? The estimates of the number of Cubans dying horribly in the ???cemetery without crosses??? run from 50-85,000. Brothers to the Rescue risked their lives almost daily, flying over the straits, alerting and guiding the Coast Guard to any balseros, and saving thousands of these desperate people from joining that terrible tally. (Prior to Castroism, by the way, Cuba was swamped with more immigrants per-capita than the U.S., including during the Ellis Island years.)

By February of 1996, Brothers to the Rescue had flown 1,800 of these humanitarian missions and helped rescue 4,200 men, women, and children. That month, Danny Glover???s and Jimmy Carter???s cause célèbre??? passed to Castro the flight plan for one of the Brothers??? humanitarian flights over the straits.

With this info in hand, Castro???s top guns jumped into their MIGs, took off and valiantly blasted apart (in international air space) the lumbering and utterly defenseless Cessnas. Four members of the humanitarian flights were thus murdered in cold blood by communists. Three of these murdered men were U.S. citizens, one a decorated Vietnam veteran.


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