Business Leader Will Offer Real Solutions to Healthcare, Poverty and Unemployment at FreedomFest

“Big business is the only free, non-revolutionary social organization.”

— Peter Drucker

Harris Rosen, CEO and founder of Rosen Resorts & Hotels in Central Florida, is a visionary who has proven that the private sector can solve today’s big social problems, such as unemployment, illness and poverty. Government often just gets into the way, and makes social services inadequate and more expensive (witness the latest debacle with long delays in former soldiers receiving needed care at Veteran Administration hospitals).

First, jobs and unemploymentThe New York Times did a May 26 story on Rosen entitled “A Bet for Florida Pays Off.” The reporter was surprised to learn that Harris Rosen didn’t cut back and lay off workers during the 2008 financial crisis, even though hotel occupancy rates had fallen substantially as tourists stopped coming to Disney World and Universal. He used his substantial cash reserve and retained earnings ($130 million!) to renovate his seven hotels. He refused to lay off any workers (he considers them family). In fact, he hired more marketing staffers to entice tour groups from Brazil and South Korea to come to Florida.

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