WH aides accuse soldiers of 'swift boating' Bergdahl

White House aides are up in arms about Bergdahl’s platoon’s claims against him.

NBC’s senior White House correspondent Chuck Todd reported:

Every [White House] aide I’ve talked to said they expected there to be controversy involving the decision to release five members of the taliban from gitmo, and the fact that this would then escalate that debate, which has been simmering for a good five years, which is what to do with those detainees, how do you release them, where do you release them. They did not expect this backlash on bergdahl himself. I’ve had a few aides describe it to me as we didn’t know that they were going to swift boat Bergdahl. And that’s a reference to that political fight back in 2004 over john kerry’s military service, so there’s some fighting words there.

Democrats use the derogatory term “swift boating” to refer to their political opponents as liars. The term derives from their perception of John Kerry’s unfair “swift boating” during his 2004 presidential campaign when some of his fellow soldiers claimed that he exaggerated his achievements in the Vietnam War.

In addition, State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf insinuated that Bergdahl’s military comrades might not be reliable sources in a discussion with Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson:

“The guys on national television last night, his squad-mates, platoon-mates were not correct?” Tomlinson asked.

“I???m saying we do not know the fact pattern yet. We don???t. Nobody knows exactly what happened that night,” Harf said in response.

“Well, I think that his squad-mates would have the best indication,” Tomlinson said.

???I don???t think that that???s the case,??? she said.

I’m not quite sure why the White House aides would think Americans would overlook the fact that Bergdahl most likely deserted, especially since the Pentagon determined in 2010 that he walked away from his unit.¬†Harf just seems to be in denial.