PETA 'Scent of Death' app designed to haunt meat lovers

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is perfecting and testing a new app to dissuade even more meat-eaters from indulging in their barbeque favorites this summer.

The ???Scent of Death??? is part of the new ???Meat Stinks??? smartphone and tablet app designed to simulate the smell of decaying animal flesh in grocery stores and supermarkets. The app???s designer, 15-year-old Joseph Arambula, demonstrated its effects to passerby at Ralphs grocery store in Los Angeles on May 20.

PETA???s Lindsay Pollard-Post described how the app works:

Vegan kids who download the app and insert a special scent-releasing dongle into their phones??? headphone jacks will be armed and ready to educate their meat-eating parents during their next grocery store visit. When they reach the meat department and scan the barcode of a package of chicken parts, our ???Meet Your Meat??? slaughterhouse exposé begins playing. Kids can then simply push the ???Meat Stinks??? button to release a putrid odor???one that replicates a slaughterhouse???s stench of feces, blood, and decomposing flesh???to open their parents??? eyes (and noses) to the cruelty that chickens endure before they end up in grocery stores.

PETA???s executive vice president, Tracy Reiman, tied American soldiers dying on the battlefield to killing animals for food in light of common Memorial Day traditions of consuming hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and steak at outdoor cookouts.

???It???s time for Americans to rethink honoring their country???s fallen service members by eating the corpses of animals who didn???t want to die,??? Reiman said. ???All anyone has to do is go vegan and the ???scent of death??? will never haunt them again.???