Christian woman sentenced to death in Sudan; U.S. government comatose

The plight of Meriam Ibrahim is absolutely horrifying, as is the placid refusal of the Obama Administration to lift a finger on her behalf.  She’s literally in chains in Sudan, sentenced to be whipped a hundred times and then hanged because she married a Christian man.  She’s being treated as a Muslim apostate because her father, who left her Orthodox Ethiopian mother when she was six, was Muslim.  According to her husband, their twenty month old child is locked up right beside her.  Meriam is still alive because she’s pregnant; once she gives birth, she’s off to the gallows.

Her husband’s name is Daniel Wani, and he’s an American citizen – he lives in New Hampshire – which makes this a problem for the U.S. State Department.  They’re not exactly leaping into action.  LifeNews calls the Administration’s indifference to the couple’s plight “stunning.”  State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki didn’t seem motivated to do any homework on the case before discussing it:

Unfortunately for Daniel, his home country has barely lifted a finger to help the family, saying only that it was ???disturbed??? by the case. Yesterday, in a shocking exchange with, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki showed the absolute indifference of the Obama administration toward this family???s nightmare. Asked if Daniel was in fact a U.S. citizen, Psaki told CNSNews, ???Typically we don???t confirm those type of details, but I???m happy to check and see if there???s more to share.???

???You don???t know whether that little boy in prison is a U.S. citizen???? CNS fired back.

???I don???t have any more details to share,??? Psaki answered.

This would be the same Jen Psaki who tried to drive the Russians out of Ukraine by taking a picture of herself holding a sign with a Twitter hashtag.  What, no hashtag for a pregnant Christian woman sentenced to death by Muslims?  She’s not even sure if Daniel Wani is a U.S. citizen?  (He’s held that honor since 2005.)

In case you’re wondering how Meriam got busted for being an “apostate” with her Muslim father long gone from her life, some guy she never saw before popped up at her house, claiming to be her long-lost brother, demanded to know why she wasn’t a faithful Muslim, and turned her in to the cops.  She has refused to renounce Christianity, even after being sentenced to death.  It’s hard to understand why she wanted to marry an American and leave the enchanting wonderland of Sudan.

Mark Steyn noted that Wani’s citizenship complicates the Administration’s effort to ignore this story until it, and Meriam Ibrahim, go away.  Large groups of well-organized illegal immigrants get concierge service from the American political system, but this is what happens to people who try to do everything by the rules:

I don’t think it’s in the interests of Americans for thug states to learn they can execute the spouses of US citizens with impunity. That will not improve the security of Americans and westerners as they move around the world. As I said the other day, the spouse of a US citizen is entitled to US citizenship herself: It’s essentially non-discretionary. So Mrs Wani is in effect an American-in-waiting.

However, the sclerotic, dysfunctional and utterly shameful US immigration bureaucracy takes years to process these routine spousal applications. And that is why Daniel Wani’s wife was languishing in Khartoum: she was waiting for “permission” from the United States Bureau of Inertia to travel to New Hampshire and join her husband. And, while she was waiting, the Sudanese decided to kill her.

Daniel is a biochemical engineer, while Meriam is a doctor.  Somehow the massive U.S. immigration system, and a political class that talks endlessly about the need to import high-skilled workers into an economy that can no longer be managed by lowbrow Americans, couldn’t find a way to get Meriam Ibrahim her citizenship in anything remotely resembling a timely manner.  The UK Daily Mail describes the pit of torpid State Department bureaucracy Daniel and his brother Gabriel had to slog through:

Daniel has been highly critical of the response of the US embassy in Sudan and claimed that he was given no help until his wife???s story made international headlines.

Gabriel claimed that his brother went to the embassy in Khartoum three times and was told each time that the American ambassador was ???too busy??? to see him.

Daniel has also been offended that he could have to submit to a DNA test to prove that his son is his.

Martin was born in Sudan and may be entitled to a US passport because Daniel in a naturalized American citizen, though the process is complicated and not certain.

Yes, it’s complicated and uncertain enough to still be in doubt after a year, with the State Department officially oblivious to the details despite condemnation of Meriam Ibrahim’s barbaric treatment from the United Nations, the British government, and as of last week, Senators Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Roy Blunt (R-MO), who wrote a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry demanding “immediate action and full diplomatic engagement to offer Miriam political asylum and to secure her son’s safe release.”  No wonder people just stroll across the border and wait for amnesty.  It beats putting up with a government that remains comatose until it senses an opportunity to further its agenda or please a powerful special interest.

“As an American citizen, I ask the people and government of the USA to help me,” said Daniel Wani, who by the way “suffers from muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair” according to the UK Daily Mail, so nipping over to Khartoum for DNA tests is a bit of a challenge, not to mention risky.  Meriam Ibrahim’s lawyer has been getting death threats.  Nevertheless, Daniel flew from New Hampshire to Sudan this week, for a reunion with his imprisoned two-year-old son, who is serving hard time for whatever the hell sharia law says toddlers can be guilty of.

The American government might have given her husband the cold shoulder, but Miriam is receiving considerably more energetic attention from the Sudanese, as the Daily Mail chronicles:

Meriam is being held in a prison notorious for chronic overcrowding and rampant disease. It can also be disclosed that in her cell she has been left to bleed by the guards, she is being given no medical attention and is having to eat prison food which is not giving her the nutrients she needs for her unborn child.

Her family are growing increasingly anxious as her first birth was difficult and there are fears the second could be fatal if she goes into labor in such primitive conditions.

[…] When she was found guilty around 50 people held up signs that read Freedom of Religion but some Islamists celebrated the ruling chanting: ‘God is Greatest’.

Meanwhile, inside the women’s prison, Meriam is being held in shackles.

Gabriel said: ???Meriam is in a bad condition, she is eight months pregnant. She needs proper medical attention and she needs medical supplies. She???s bleeding and nothing is being done.

???She needs to eat well but she is just getting the prison food. When she had her first son it was a very difficult birth, she lost a lot of blood. She is supposed to have check ups with the doctor but it isn???t happening. We are praying for a miracle.???

This really is a situation President Obama could improve with that pen and phone he’s always bragging about.  So what’s the hold-up?  Can the drones at the State Department, and the absurd Secretary of State, at least work up the energy to pretend they know what’s going on with this situation?

I’ve got an idea for “comprehensive immigration reform”: let’s treat people who knowingly break the law like criminals, while bending over backwards to give people who respect our laws the full measure of respect they deserve.  How about demanding action from our titanic, insanely expensive, ridiculously over-staffed super-State that doesn’t make people who “work hard and play by the rules” wait for years, especially when their lives are on the line?  What the hell has John Kerry done since Meriam Ibrahim was thrown in jail last September that’s more important than saving her life?