Defending Dinesh

Dinesh D’Souza broke the law and admitted to it. But did he do anything wrong?

The law says that an individual can only donate so much of his own money to a candidate. Why? Who knows.

D’Souza wanted to contribute more than what the government wanted him to to a New York Republican senate candidate’s campaign. So he got some associates to donate the money, and then he paid them back. Then he was caught.

D’Souza faces up to two years in prison, and has “lost his right to vote, hold public office, or possess a firearm.” All for trying to use his private, hard-earned money to fund a candidate.

Meanwhile Lois Lerner persecutes conservatives and gets to lollygag freely. Hillary Clinton screams, “What difference does it make?!” after failing to come to the aid of four now-dead Americans and is let off scot-free. Obama implements a healthcare law that forces cancer patients to lose care, and no one bats an eye. War veterans are suffering and dying, yet Eric Shinseki’s job is secure.

D’Souza said, ???I deeply regret my conduct.??? Maybe he deeply regrets getting caught. It was a pretty foolish thing to do, especially for someone of his political caliber. But what he should regret is that this is a felony at all.