Global Stock Smack Down: Amazon versus Gazprom

Back when Peter Lynch was the manager of the Fidelity Magellan mutual fund, he offered mom ???n pop investors the folksy advice of ???invest in what you know.???

According to Lynch, successful investing was as simple as going to the mall and buying the stock of the retail chain where the lines are the longest.

As appealing as the story is, it???s also far too simplistic.

It also contradicts Lynch???s own experience. Lynch actually made the bulk of his money betting on a down-and-out Chrysler — a stock no one wanted to touch — which then turned into a ???ten bagger.???

Today???s version of Lynch???s story

Ask 100 American investors which would be the better place to put their money to work over the next 12 months — the familiar and trusted Inc. (AMZN) or the Russian government crony-run natural gas company Gazprom (OGZPY) — and I bet nearly 100% would pick Amazon. And I think they would be wrong.

Read more about how Gazprom should outperform Amazon during the next 12 months at Eagle Daily Investor.


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