The Continuing Water Crisis with Debra Coy

[Note: Due to the continued importance of this topic, I???m sharing with you one of my favorite PowerTalks from the past. This PowerTalk originally was posted on July 23, 2013. However, the following analysis is updated.]

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Rising food prices are a pain point that we, as consumers, will feel acutely now and in the near future. This is especially true in regards to the price of beef, as dwindling cattle herds are decreasing the supply of beef as we head into the demand-heavy summer months.

Drought conditions are a major factor in this shrinking of the herds, and they also are having a ripple effect on commodity prices. These conditions have been an issue for quite some time, as this nearly year-old PowerTalk shows.

The fundamentals that water industry veteran Debra Coy and I discussed in last July???s PowerTalk are still intact, meaning improvements in U.S. water infrastructure are still a pressing need.

The interview covers a range of topics still valid and relevant today, including: the water industry and its many facets, the water crisis which loomed then and continues to be a threat today, water???s role not only in the home but in industrial and other manufacturing issues, and how water access affects economic development through influencing companies??? critical decisions.

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Listen to my behind-the-scenes July 23, 2013 PowerTalk conversation now, so you are even more in the know:

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