Firearm fashion!

According to a Gallup poll reported on by KRMG News, as of 2011, the number of women in possession of a firearm spiked to 23%, up from only 13% in 2005. And now, (finally!) these women have some clothing options for carrying their weapons – a development that goes hand in hand with the decrease in concealed carry restrictions. (Gov. Nathan Deal (R-GA) recently signed the state’s “Safe Carry Protection Act” into law, a bill critics call the “guns everywhere bill.”)

Concealing on the catwalk” is now a thing. According to the British DailyMail, champion reporter of all things American, “Fashion designers are cashing in on new state laws allowing concealed weapons by creating clothes and accessories for the purpose of hiding guns.”

This is good news. Pretty much any female who has ever seriously considered carrying a concealed weapon has run into the quandary of where and how. For those of us unwilling to abandon all pretenses of femininity, options are few. Women’s clothing tends to be more form-fitting than men’s. Furthermore, our bodies are shaped differently, making waistband carry cumbersome, impractical, and sometimes even painful.

So unless you’re down with sporting a formless, nightgown-chic mumu, what’s a fashionable girl to do? Thanks to designers like Sarah Church, Karen Bartuch of AlphaGirls, Marilyn Smolenski of Nickel and Lace, and the people behind The Well-Armed Woman, ladies of the range no longer have to dress like dudes.

Oh to be armed and dangerous and alluring! Check out these nifties:





There are camisoles, zip dresses, and let’s not forget the fun handbags. They were all featured at the Firearms and Fashion Show, held last week in Chicago (appropriately).



Teresa Mull is the managing editor of Human Events.