Why is Israel spying on us?

It has recently come to the attention of the United States that Israel, our ally, has been ramping up its spy efforts in our country. According to Newsweek, ???Israel???s aggressive and widespread espionage activity in the US is increasingly angering American government officials and has ???crossed red lines.???

Why would one of our closest allies resort to spying so heavily on us? In case the officials at the White House haven???t figured it out yet, here are some possible explanations.

Israel and America have been allies since President Harry Truman announced that America recognized them as a nation in 1948. We were still close allies during the 1967 war when many of the nations that surrounded Israel attempted to annihilate them, where instead Israel gained territory including Jerusalem. We had since continued our alliance with Israel under the Bush Administration, and stood with them when Iran and other surrounding nations called for the annihilation of all the Jews.

America gives Foreign Aide to Israel, and Israel gives us their superior intelligence findings that have resulted in foiled terrorist attacks against Americans and billions of dollars in savings on intelligence and technology. Some of the contributions Israel has made to America:

??? The Israelis defeated an Arab/Soviet attack in 1967. If not for Israel, the offensive would have collapsed the pro-American Arab leadership and America???s oil supply would have been threatened which would have strained the US economy. They also gave the U.S. an extensive amount of military information from Soviet military equipment. This saved America potentially billions of dollars and gave them a competitive advantage during the Cold War.

??? Gen. George F. Keegan, former head of US Airforce intelligence was quoted in Between Washington and Jerusalem, a book by Wolf Blitzer, ???Of Israeli assistance in discovering Soviet Air Force capabilities, new weapons, electronics and jamming devices. ‘???I could not have procured the intelligence . . . with five CIAs???’???

??? In 2001, late Senator Daniel Inouye, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee said of Israel, ???The scope of intelligence received by the US, from Israel, exceeds the scope of intelligence received from all NATO countries combined.???

The United States and Israeli alliance was fruitful, until President Obama came into office. One of Israel???s encounters with President Obama was their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being snubbed. In the fall of 2012, President Obama ditched PM Netanyahu because the president purportedly didn???t have time to meet with him, instead opting to attend a Jay-Z fundraiser and go on the David Letterman show. Since Obama sat in the church of Reverend Wright for twenty years, who is a widely known anti-Semite, it???s not a stretch to assume it was in fact a snub.

In a new resurgence of anti-Semitism and a Nation of Jewish people surrounded by those anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers, Obama called on Israel to return to their pre-1967 borders. Doing so would leave them virtually defenseless. Obama also supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, an organization that supports terrorist efforts to annihilate Israel.

Last week our own Secretary of State, John Kerry insulted the Nation of Israel by claiming they could become an apartheid state because of its alleged actions against the Palestinians. He has since backed off his statements, but the damage has already been done. However, because the US is also alleging Israel is engaging in Arab American discrimination, they will not allow them to participate in the visa waiver program, a program that allows people from select approved countries to travel with ease in the United States for a particular time and function. Even though it???s the Jewish students that are being grossly discriminated against at American Universities across the country.

It???s clear to even the average citizen that the Obama Administration has given cause for concern with the Nation of Israel. Israel is faced with the reality that its largest ally has all but turned its back on them. Coupled with the fact that they are surrounded by nations that want to annihilate their whole existence and their survival is increasingly coming down to their sole ability to protect themselves, Israel will do whatever necessary to preserve their Nation.

If Israeli intelligence is spying in our country, their reasoning for doing so lies squarely with the current administrations lack of clarity in its commitment to protect and support the Nation of Israel. It???s kind of ironic really. The United States, the biggest offender of spying on other countries through the NSA and other measures is calling the kettle black.