A $5 Million Bet On Getting Gas in Louisiana

A $5 Million Bet On Getting Gas in Louisiana (DividendChannel)

EV Energy Partners LP (EVEP) is yet another company in the long line of oil and gas businesses rewarding investors with appreciation — and a fat dividend yield, as well. In the last month alone, shares are up 4.58 percent, making that bump a nice complement to the 8.6 percent yield. With property all over the South, including chunks of Monroe Field in Louisiana and the Permian Basin in Texas, you can be confident that EVEP is set up for a nice long run, just as EVEP’s Executive Chairman of the Board John B. Walker is. And how sure is Johnny Walker? $5 million strong, as that’s the value of shares of his own company he picked up to kick off 2014. That’s confidence, backed up by an 8.6 percent dividend to boot. Sounds like it’s time to get gas in Louisiana.