Social Media’s Haves: Facebook

Social Media’s Haves: Facebook (YahooFinance)

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Godzilla of social media: Facebook (FB). Plainly said, Mark Zuckerberg’s baby is on a roll. It is coming off of a number of major acquisitions, has strung together glowing earnings reports and is building advertising revenue faster than ever before. Now, looking ahead, it’s releasing a number of technology upgrades — including “App Links,” which will allow apps to talk to each other and users to go between them almost seamlessly. According to YahooFinance’s Phil Pearlman, “… [FB’s] building tools for the mobile web… Just as Google dominates the web, Facebook appears to have its sights set on owning mobile across all platforms.” FB’s pivot into the mobile space has been the spark igniting this still-growing tech titan. Who knows how high shares, or the company’s dominance, can go from here.