New poll gives hope to the GOP

The just released Washington Post/ ABC News poll has buoyed Republicans hoping to capture the Senate this fall. The President’s approval rating not only fell to a new low (41 percent), but a solid majority of the voters (53 %) want the GOP to control the Congress.  Only 39% think Democrats should be in charge of the legislative branch. Here are some other statistics that  have Republicans hopeful and the Democrats uneasy:
*On ObamaCare: A 58% majority say the new law is raising costs, while 47% insist the law will cause the health-care system to worsen.
*The Economy: Over 70% describe the economy in negative terms.
* Nation’s Future: Two-thirds now say the country is going in the wrong direction.
* Foreign Policy: The disapproval of Obama’s handling of Russia and the Ukraine has reached 46%, with 20% having no opinion.
Obama’s falling popularity is what is deeply troubling to the Democrats, who fear too many in his coalition will just not turn up at the polls in November. The decline in his approval rating, notes the Post,  is the result of lower support among not only Democrats but Independents. At this point, just 74% of Democrats say they approve of his job performance, only “one point higher than his lowest ever in Post-ABC surveys.” His overall approval rating in such surveys is “at its lowest point ever.”