Sen. Udall sides with moneyed connections over constituents to oppose Keystone

American Commitment, a national advocacy group with over 1,800 Colorado members, is launching a hard-hitting ad campaign targeting Colorado Senator Mark Udall???s opposition to the Keystone Pipeline.

American Commitment president, Phil Kerpen, had this to say about the Democratic senator: ???Mark Udall sold out his Colorado constituents by choosing a San Francisco billionaire over jobs and affordable energy for Colorado. [He] is the only energy state Democrat to pick Tom Steyer over the very constituents who sent him to Washington to represent their interests.”

Udall sided with his billionaire backer, Tom Steyer, ???a super-donor who has pledged $100 million to bankroll political campaigns, including Mark Udall???s and is also a leading opponent of the pipeline, over his Colorado constituents, who strongly favor the Keystone Pipeline.

“Mark Udall???s vote against the pipeline last year was a vote against Colorado,” says Kerpen, “and his recent conspicuous refusal to join other energy state Democrats on a letter supporting the pipeline shows Udall continues to choose his billionaire California backer over his Colorado constituents.”

American Commitment put out this ad to show Coloradans what, or whom, they’re up against: