Peering into the Cloud with Jay Chapel, CEO of Ostrato

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The Cloud? You and I have been hearing a lot about it. Companies from Microsoft (MSFT) to Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOGL) have introduced their One Drive, iCloud and Google Docs offerings. Amazon (AMZN), Salesforce (CRM), VMware (VWM) and others also are involved. But what is the Cloud, and what does it mean for you and corporate America?

In its simplest form, the Cloud provides online resources of software, platforms and infrastructure that are available ???as-a-service??? for users to consume. It is changing how companies and other institutions not only view IT, but how they are utilizing and managing it. According to research firm IDC, public Cloud spending totaled $47 billion in 2013 and will double in less than four years to $107 billion.

Growth like that is bound to catch investors’ eyes, but understanding the various aspects and opportunities associated with the Cloud is important. That???s why we???re PowerTalking today with Jay Chapel, CEO of cloud management solution company Ostrato.

As you???ll hear, despite all of the talk about the cloud during the last few years, Jay says we???re only in the first or second inning of what???s coming. Like any fast-growing industry, there are pain points along the way. For companies like Ostrato, that means opportunity.

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