Buy This Gas Company at the Bottom and Watch It Soar

Buy This Gas Company at the Bottom and Watch It Soar (MotleyFool)

After a year in which Linn Energy (LINE) went through a brutal acquisition of Berry Petroleum and badly missed estimates, analysts piled on with their downgrades and harsh forecasts. And it looks like this independent oil and natural gas company will miss estimates badly again in the first quarter of 2014, sending even more investors scrambling for the exit. By the time the numbers start to turn around in the second quarter of 2014, this company should be poised for a furious rally for a number of reasons, not the least of which will be the economics of the oil and natural gas industry in the United States. This rising tide will certainly lift all boats. Plus, LINE???s building metrics will also help, building upon an increase in daily production and reserves in Q413. Finally Linn Energy???s massive distribution network is the icing on the cake, ensuring continued revenue. For investors willing to take on a little more risk, Linn Energy will give them a 10 percent dividend yield right now, as well as the potential for explosive appreciation in the near future.