85 Percent of Public Pensions Could Flatline

85 Percent of Public Pensions Could Flatline (CNBC)

When Bridgewater Associates, one of the world???s biggest hedge companies, claims that as much as 85 percent of public pensions could fail within the next 30 years, people listen. Bridgewater reached this startling conclusion, among others, when conducting ???stress tests??? on its pension funds, similar to ones performed within the banking community post-9/11. The group also found that public plans had assets of $3 trillion but will need as much as $10 trillion to cover current liabilities. To make up the difference, pensions will need to earn about 9 percent per year on their investments. Unfortunately, they???re earning less than half of that — 4 percent — right now. So where will they turn for that 5 percent? Well, according to Eagle Financial Publications??? ETF guru, Doug Fabian, one place could be alternative energy sources, like those named his new special investment report dealing with North America???s Energy Renaissance. In it, Fabian discusses North America???s energy evolution and five ways to profit from this trend using exchange-traded funds. The report is scheduled for release on Friday morning, and we will provide a link to help you access it as soon as it becomes available online.