Aspiring Democrat candidate self-destructs on Fox News

I see this video flying around the Internet this morning, accompanied by guffaws and expressions of disbelief that anyone could be this stupid.  I must admit that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Mike Dickinson, an aspiring Democrat challenger to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), was actually some kind of spoof created by the Republican National Committee to make the opposing party look foolish.  Maybe he’s supposed to be the Right’s answer to Stephen Colbert’s tedious routine of pretending to be an evil, racist conservative.

If that turns out to be the case, let me be the first to say: Reince Priebus, you magnificent bastard.  The entire encounter between Greta van Susteren and this box of rocks is hilarious, but the best part comes when she gets him to admit he lied on his resume.  (FYI, the issue Dickinson and Van Susteren discuss at the beginning is the Bundy ranch story out of Nevada I wrote about here.)

But consider: is Dickinson really so different from what the Democrat Party generally offers?  He’s ugly, divisive, authoritarian, eager to suppress dissent, and doesn’t have a frigging clue what he’s talking about.  A lot of what he says here is basically the low-wattage version of standard Party talking points.

His determination to declare “war” on Americans he doesn’t like is not much different from the rancid insanity peddled by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on a daily basis, as he fumes over the “un-American” Koch Brothers.  He’s given 134 of those crackpot sermons from the Senate floor, according to the Washington Free Beacon’s count.

Or Attorney General Eric Holder, turning up at a confab held by a tax-cheating racialist group to whine that he’s been treated worse than any of his predecessors, and it’s all because of racism.

Or Barack Obama, nodding in agreement when someone in his audience says Republicans are “un-American” for pursuing effective measures to defeat vote fraud – a cause the Left works tirelessly to reframe as a racist attack on voting rights, even though something like 80 percent of the country supports voter ID, including large majorities in just about every demographic.

Or House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi comparing those who insist on border security and sane immigration policy to the people who rounded up Japanese-Americans during World War II and put them in internment camps.  Not only is this a horrific insult to Japanese-Americans (who most certainly were not illegal immigrants) and a despicable attempt to trivialize their experience to score a cheap political point… but remind me again, which President ordered those internment camps?  Which Party did he belong to?  And weren’t Democrats (falsely) boasting about Barack Obama’s record as the Deporter-in-Chief just a few months ago, when they were trying to fool everyone into believing he could be trusted to honor border-security commitments?

Pelosi is no less foolish and vicious than Mike Dickinson.  Hatred and ignorance are the meat and drink of the modern Democrat Party.  They never stop trying to pit groups of Americans against each other, demonizing their opponents, and portraying all opposition to their agenda as based in greed, racism, or even bloodlust.  (No less than Barack Obama, himself a frequent and petulant critic of Fox News, has a habit of suggesting that Republican policies are motivated by a desire to make people suffer.)  They’re ready to burn America to the ground, if it keeps a few seats in Democrat hands after the midterm elections, and shuts down a few inconvenient investigations.