Conservative confusion regarding Firefox

Many conservatives are up in arms over Mozilla/Firefox???s forcing CEO Brendan Eich to resign once they found out he is opposed to same-sex marriage. For being a minority, the gays sure are a powerful bunch.

It was a completely hypocritical move from a sect of people who claim to embrace ???tolerance,??? ???acceptance,??? and ???liberalness.??? They are liberal within very confined limits.

Eich was punished for holding a belief that has not affected and does not affect the way he carries out the duties of his job. He donated to the Buchanan campaign way back in 1992, yet somehow continued to carry out his responsibilities with enough excellence to be recently appointed the company???s CEO.

Conservatives, nay, everyone, should be outraged by this unfair treatment. But we should embrace it as a part of the free market, laissez-faire system. These things have a way of working themselves out.

Want to boycott Mozilla and send a message that you support Eich and Proposition 8? Go for it. (And boycott these companies while you???re at it.) But don???t reduce Mozilla???s right to hire and fire whomever they wish. Lambasting Mozilla for practicing their right to free speech is as bad as their firing Eich for practicing his.

Besides, such cases serve to call attention to the bigotry the left claims so mightily to be above.