College student calls for peers to reject secularism

I???ve always been the one to stand out.

First generation Korean immigrant, Jesus-follower, journalist. Now put the latter two together.

When people learn I am a journalism major and a Christian, they tend to ask why the profession has evolved into such an impetus for the liberal left.

I think journalism???s nod to the left reflects the drift toward secularism that has begun to consume the United States in the past 60 years. People don???t want God. They just want his stuff. They exchange the truth about God for a lie to redefine his standards of morality to cater to their own desires.

And as a college student, I have stared many of these impulses right in the face.

I praise God for placing me in a liberal environment. I have had to consider whether convictions are worth embracing in the face of opposition.

Mine are.

As I wrote in my book, ???You???re either drifting with society, or anchored to the truth.??? Morally hostile environments are not realms Christians and conservatives should shy from. It is exactly where we are called to be. The light of truth shines the brightest in the darkest places.

Opposition to my point of view came to its climax a few weeks ago, as I was featured in a set of dueling columns on Michigan???s same-sex marriage legalization.

My stance that the government???s perversion of God???s covenantal union is a ???tragedy in the making??? got under a lot of people???s skin.

Some advocating ???tolerance??? and ???acceptance??? saturated my Twitter, Facebook, and email with vulgarity. Disagreement, as a personal notion, grants some the false courage to call me an ???ignorant f***??? or a ???s****y journalist??? My particular favorite dissection of my words slapped a series of ad hominems to each paragraph.

It was tempting to get down on myself. The fear of man is a great adversary. But the world can do nothing to a Christian who has no fear of man. Liberalism will continue to sway to and fro with every gust of human cunning. But truth will endure.

Proverbs says the wicked flee when no one pursues but the righteous are as bold as a lion. And lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

Now, more than ever, this younger generation of millennial conservatives needs to rise up to take their place in an increasingly secularized America.

We must refuse to be tossed to and fro by every wave of human cunning, and stand firm to the precious truth???no matter the opposition.

It is not loving to give someone what they want if it ultimately leads to harm; it is loving to selflessly and humbly point others to the truth???the very truths this nation was founded upon.

It is my prayer that many in my generation would discern the deception of emotionalism that shrouds much of the liberal agenda.

As a naturalized U.S. citizen, I am immensely proud of the opportunity and liberty I am granted in this country. The constitutional ideals that this nation was founded upon are the cornerstone of our future, not change. That is something worth standing upon even if it becomes unpopular.

Millennials need to know they are not alone in this endeavor. Standing firm on the historical principles that built this nation is a worthy pursuit???even if it costs us ridicule.