Baby REIT???s Yield All Grown Up at 14.3 Percent

Baby REIT???s Yield All Grown Up at 14.3 Percent (SeekingAlpha)

Five Oaks Investment Corp (OAKS) is yet another excellent, yield-generating real estate investment trust (REIT). However, it???s by far the ???newest??? kid on the block of REITs we???ve looked at lately. This opportunity first appeared on the NYSE last March. But OAKS hasn???t wasted any time in setting up a robust dividend for investors, yielding 14.3 percent, derived from its leveraged portfolio of residential real estate properties. It is important to note, though, that during the past year, OAKS??? shares have lost almost 24 percent of their value. But according to the good folks at, that???s a dip to buy rather than a blip to fear because of the company???s strong financials. ???Five Oaks has a profit margin of 87.55%, returns on assets and equity of 0.48% and 3.23%, respectively, and earnings per share of $0.88.??? Not bad. So if you???re not afraid of buying shares of a baby REIT at a discount, while still earning a yield of 14.3 percent, Five Oaks could be your play.