My #1 Pick in the World’s Most Hated Stock Market

Russia is the market that investors love to hate.

George Soros lost over $1 billion investing in Russia after the Russian government defaulted on its bonds in 1998. When asked about Russia, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s partner at Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B), harrumphed: “We don’t invest in kleptocracies.” One investor famously declared after the market’s meltdown in 1998: “I’d rather eat nuclear waste than invest in Russia.”

Russia’s image hasn’t improved since. Fifteen years ago, when you heard “mafia,” you thought of the Godfather. Today, you think of a Russian “biznisman.” If India is embodied by a highly educated, dedicated high-tech worker, Russia is the thug you cross the street to avoid. India is Bill Gates. Russia is Scarface.

With Russian President Vladimir Putin annexing Crimea at his whim — and lining tens of thousands of troops along Ukraine’s border as a thinly veiled threat for a future invasion of Ukraine — chances are you feel the same way.

Certainly, you wouldn’t be alone.

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