Thompson: My gun rights journey

Growing up in one of the most oppressive states for gun rights, currently holding the title of murder capital of America, I was not always a gun enthusiast. The freedom and opportunity to exercise my Second Amendment rights was severely restricted.

My dad raised me to never be a product of my environment, especially in a restrictive state like Illinois. He instilled in me the value of true freedom, that the government has no place dictating my religious beliefs, diminishing the value of my hard work or infringing on my fundamental right to protect myself from criminals and government tyranny.

Danielle Thompson

Danielle Thompson

My dad raised an all-American girl, a camo-loving, gun-toting, flag-waving, God-fearing woman.

My love for my country and my desire to fight for Americans??? freedoms has only increased with time.

Several years ago, I went on my first hunting trip in Canton, Mo., with my best friend. The whole family was honored to show me the ropes of turkey hunting. I was outfitted in oversized, camo Carhartt overalls and given a Remington 870 shotgun.

Danielle Thompson

Danielle Thompson

Though I still have not bagged a turkey, I still remember the excitement and pride my friend???s family had in passing down the values and heritage of fending for one self. This trip sparked my interest in sport shooting and paved the way for my career defending Second Amendment rights for all Americans.

I moved across the country in 2013 to take the position as the Press Secretary for the National Association for Gun Rights.  I am honored to be working at NAGR alongside veterans and people of integrity who have dedicated their careers to preserving our country???s fundamental right to bear arms.

It is truly exciting to be in a position battling for Second Amendment rights on the front lines of the legislature. NAGR makes politicians pay for their votes, mobilizing and informing gun owners and Second Amendment supporters of the threat to their gun rights.

My job allows me the privilege to meet with NAGR members across the country. I am humbled to meet with these members, who remind me every day that we fight for not only our freedom, but our children and grandchildren???s freedom.

All these members have another thing in common. They recognize that the Second Amendment was founded to protect against government tyranny, and the government should never know which citizens are armed.

I have never met more selfless people than those in the gun community. They are all fighting for our country???s future and the safety of every individual that makes up the greatest country on Earth, blessed by God.

As we head into this year???s election season, gun owners are focused on using their power to kick anti-gun legislators out of office and electing a true pro-gun majority.  I am excited to work with gun owners as we stand up for our rights and take back our country.