Why Blackrock & Vanguard Are Crushing Pimco This Year

Why Blackrock & Vanguard Are Crushing Pimco This Year (Bloomberg)

It???s not often that Pacific Investment Management Co (Pimco) has to play catch up. But that???s exactly what???s happening right now with regard to bond exchange-traded funds (ETFs). According to data compiled by Bloomberg, as of March 21, 2014, Bill Gross??? bond behemoth had taken in just $1 billion in new bond ETF deposits — well behind Blackrock???s $2.8 billion and Vanguard???s $2.5 billion. According to David Nadig, director of research at, Pimco trailed because previously, it didn???t offer the same type of super-low-cost ETF funds that the other two do. But it sorely needs to. In 2013, bond ETFs took in $9.7 billion, while Pimco???s bond mutual funds lost $88.4 billion to redemptions. That???s a big part of the reasoning behind Pimco launching 19 new bond ETFs in January. But is that enough of a reason to get you to invest in these new funds?