How Investors Should Connect the Fed???s ???Dots???

I hate the Fed and all it stands for.

I despise the very existence of a quasi-governmental cabal that controls the money supply, and I hate the fact that most people have no clue how the Fed got started and what its real purpose is (to facilitate big government, finance wars and control the financial system). Just read G. Edward Griffin???s brilliant book, ???The Creature from Jekyll Island,??? and I promise you???ll never look at the Fed the same way again.

Of course, I don???t expect the Fed to go away anytime soon, and despite the valiant efforts of Ron Paul and other freedom advocates to audit the Fed, I doubt whether the Fed is ever going to be scrutinized the way it needs to be in order to see what, precisely, it holds on its books.

That said, what we can do as investors is take advantage of the conditions in the market created in large part by the central bank???s manipulation of the money supply and interest rates. Think of this as a case of ???beating them at their own game.???

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