More hours cut due to ObamaCare at government agencies and schools

Democrats made a game effort to pretend that ObamaCare wasn’t cutting hours and killing jobs.  There was a rash of malarkey-infused “academic studies” last year, purporting to “prove” there wouldn’t be major losses to hours worked by employers seeking to evade the mandates.

We’re past all that now.  Yesterday’s Democrat spin is dead and gone, a pile of dessicated lies we’re supposed to forget they told.  Reality crashes down upon us in waves, from blockbuster Congressional Budget Office estimates to news items about state agencies announcing that they’ll take “hard looks” at people who work more than 30 hours per week….

… to universities, such as the Colorado Mountain College, likewise announcing they’ll be holding part-time hours down to evade the crushing burden of the Affordable Care Act.  From

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) is prohibiting adjunct professors from working over 30 hours per week to minimize the large financial impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The ACA, often-called Obamacare, requires that large employers offer insurance to all employees who work more than 30 hours a week ??? but CMC will just cut hours to avoid having to pay for the insurance.

CMC public information officer Debbie Crawford toldCampus Reform that the college relies heavily on adjunct instructors ??? it employs approximately 600 of them ??? because they give the school the flexibility to ???change with student needs each semester.???

???We are open enrollment, so that means students can enter at whatever level they need, so our student body changes greatly from semester to semester,??? Crawford said in an interview on Tuesday. ???It wouldn???t be financially prudent to just add more full-time faculty without considering all of the expenses.???

Campus Reform mentions that “the practice of cutting employee hours to avoid buying them health insurance has angered unions and other advocacy groups.”  You can say that again.  300,000-strong labor union UNITE HERE just published a report on ObamaCare that says it will create even more inequality in the workforce by, among other things, giving employers incentives to cut hours below 30 per week… the very same phenomenon Democrats were decrying as a figment of Republican imaginations not long ago.