Obama admits you might not keep your doctor

The ongoing collapse of ObamaCare hits another new low, as President Obama finally admits, in a WebMD interview, that he was lying when he promised everyone would be able to keep their doctors.  But good news, folks: there’s a chance you might just be able to keep any “life-saving treatment” you happened to be in the middle of, before Barack Obama destroyed the American health insurance system.  He promises to work hard to keep your plug from being pulled:

Well, again, these are private insurance plans, which means that they’re going to have networks… that’s pretty much true of any health-insurance plan that you’ve got out there right now… if you’re signing up for a Blue Cross plan, let’s say in Florida, then they have a pretty good network of doctors and hospitals, but they probably don’t have 100 percent participation of every doctor and hospital, so that’s not unique to the Affordable Care Act.

What we have said is, for example, if you’re in the middle of life-saving treatment with a particular doctor, then we will work to make sure you can keep that treatment, and not shift… but, for the average person, many folks who don’t have health insurance initially, they’re gonna have to make some choices, and they might end up having to switch doctors, in part because you’re saving money.

This man is utterly beyond parody.  He did not ever, not once tell Americans that they might have to give up their doctors to save money under his health-care scheme.  He promised explicitly, over and over and over again, that absolutely no one would lose their old insurance plan or doctor, period.  He went to great lengths to falsely assure the American people that ObamaCare would be cost-free, and essentially voluntary – you’d be able to keep everything just the way it was, but you probably wouldn’t want to, because ObamaCare would be so awesome.

Is a video reminder of Obama’s Big Lies necessary?  Here you go, just in case you’ve somehow convinced yourself he didn’t explicitly and emphatically make these false promises:

What an absurd argument the President makes, by claiming his false promises don’t matter because pre-ObamaCare insurance plans had provider restrictions as well.  The point is not that nobody was ever forced to change doctors when they changed insurance plans before.  The point is that Barack Obama is forcing millions of Americans to do that right now, and millions more will follow suit in the months ahead.  He promised this wouldn’t happen, and he was lying.  And provider restrictions are getting far worse due to ObamaCare than they ever were under the far superior insurance plans we had before it came along.

The rest of Obama’s WebMD performance is a pack of outright lies as well.  Insurance is not getting cheaper.  Just a couple of days ago, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted in Congressional testimony that premiums would continue to rise, and she’s still trying to hide the full effect of the disastrously low ObamaCare enrollments.  The shortage of young, healthy people to fleece is going to jack premiums even higher, as all of the insurance industry’s risk calculations go out the window.  They’ll most likely be made whole through some combination of premium hikes and taxpayer bailouts… which will merely hide the cost of ObamaCare in your tax bill, or maybe your kid’s tax bill, if Democrats follow their usual strategy of deferring tax increases with deficit funny money.

At best, your freshly limited doctor options under ObamaCare will keep your premiums from rising too much higher.  Most people won’t see any kind of net savings compared to their pre-ACA plans.  And if you happen to be on Medicaid, you have yet to learn just how restricted your doctor options will become.

So no, sorry, Obama drones, but your man never, ever told voters they could lose their doctors under his health care scheme, but he’d work real hard to make sure they didn’t die because they lost access to life-saving treatments, and you’d thank him someday for limiting your choices because he might save you a little money. For that matter, a number of people with life-threatening illnesses have been complaining that they are losing access to the doctors who keep them alive because of ObamaCare, in some cases pleading for direct intervention from high-ranking politicians for help in surviving the Affordable Care Act.  For their troubles, these people are called filthy liars by top Democrats… just as anyone who warned about insurance cancellations, rate shock, or doc shock was castigated as a liar by Democrats when ObamaCare was slithering through Congress.

ObamaCare is the greatest act of consumer fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.  If anyone but the government pulled a scam like this, the government would take them down hard, and nobody would be much interested in the indicted CEO’s assurances that all the stuff he lied about would work out for the best in the end.



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