Why FL election probably means diddly squat for midterms

Republican David Jolly won the special election in Florida’s 13th District Tuesday. Bully for him! It’s always great to beat a Democrat, especially when the GOP’s candidate has such a fun name.

According to the New York Times, “The victory will embolden Republicans as they head into the midterm election and bolster their message ??? that the nation disapproves of the Affordable Care Act and Mr. Obama???s leadership.”

In theory, yes. For Human Events readers and Fox News watchers, undoubtedly. But for the nation-at-large and the 41 percent of Americans who can’t name the Vice President of the United States, it means a whole lot of nothing.

Jolly’s victory shouldn’t be discounted completely, of course. It shows that voters in Florida dislike liberal policies enough to come out and vote for the Republican. (Although it is not as much of a hardship to do so in the balmy south as it is in the polar vor-vexed north.)

As a wise man and Florida resident wrote on the pages of HE:

I retain my ambivalence about interpreting Jolly???s win as a sure sign that Democrats are cooked across the board in 2014, and ObamaCare will be the grill they fry upon. But at least Republicans can make a logical case that ObamaCare worked to their man???s advantage to some degree.

So let’s pat ourselves on the back, give Jolly a high five, take note of what he did right, and approach every election as if it’s the first one. We must remind ourselves that the majority of voters have never heard of this race, and if they did, will not remember it when the time comes for them to cast their ballot in their own midterm elections.