Back to Back Years of 18.4 Percent Dividends?

Back to Back Years of 18.4 Percent Dividends? (YahooFinance)

One income-producing investment should occupy the top of the list for both independent and institutional investors looking for high yield: PowerShares KBW High Dividend Yield Financial Portfolio (KBWD). Both types of investor should love the fact that this play offered an 18.4 percent yield in 2013 and is off to a good start this year as well, with a 7.4 percent dividend. However, individual investors like you and me could learn a thing or two about income plays from the big boys on Wall Street, as they???re flocking to KBWD for its low beta (volatility) as well. And with the all that???s going on in the world today, putting a lid on volatility should be of the utmost concern for everyone. So, if you???re looking for income, and a shield against market shake-up, KBWD may be a good place to start.