Saturday morning cartoons made Obama nominee anti-gun

Vivek Murthy, Obama’s nominee for U.S. surgeon general, who also conveniently founded “Doctors for Obama” (later “Doctors for America”) in 2008, is really anti-gun, a stance which the DailyMail attributes to his abhorrence of Saturday morning cartoons.

He told the Miami Herald in 1994 that television cartoons were responsible “for the growing problem of kids and violence,” and that:

“Today, a typical elementary student wakes up on Saturday mornings to fiery gun battles, explosive scenes of terror and the violent decimation of the ‘bad guy’ ??? all this in a children’s cartoon. With such destructive influence, society’s preoccupation with firearms and brutal methods of conflict resolution is no surprise.”

Murthy was only 16 at the time of the aforementioned interview, perhaps not old enough to know better, but definitely too old still to be watching cartoons.

According to the Mail:

Murthy’s nomination has created a firestorm of objections on Capitol Hill among Republicans who believe the president is using the surgeon general post to general public support for gun-control measures that House Republicans won’t entertain.

‘This nominee seems much more devoted to politics than to patients,’ Sen. John Barrasso said Monday night on the Fox News Channel.

‘I know there are a number of senators who are up for re-election who are probably not going to want to vote for somebody who is this committed to taking away our Second Amendment rights,’ said Barrasso, a medical doctor himself.

He noted that Dr. Richard Carmona, a Democrat who served an attorney general under President George W. Bush, has written to President Obama to say that Murthy is unqualified.

What’s wrong with decimating “the bad guy,” anyway? Isn’t that the point? Murthy also has yet to address Looney Tunes’ indoctrination of young children who believe in talking animals and the Acme Corporation.