Javelin???s 12.4 Percent Yield is Worth a Look

Javelin???s 12.4 Percent Yield is Worth a Look (

In the first two months of 2014, real estate investment trusts (REITs) are cleaning up.¬†Among those, a relative newcomer on the scene, Javelin Mortgage (JIMI), is warranting special attention, as is its 12.4 percent yield. Having only gone public in October of 2012, the company???s float is only 13.5 million shares, meaning it doesn???t take much to move the company???s share price. Second, as a mortgage real estate investment trust (mREIT), JIM invests primarily in hybrid adjustable-rate and fixed-rate mortgage backed securities and mortgage loans. And it does so very well, if insider buying at JIM is any indication — and it usually is. Over the last seven months, five of the company???s directors or board members have purchased more than 23,000 shares at market price. That???s a lot of trust in your own company??? But is it enough for you to jump in?